Oak is one of the natural wood materials used in many interior industries, especially kitchen cabinets. Oak wood is used to make quality kitchen cabinets, cheap, can also be used as surface veneer to increase aesthetics and quality for kitchen cabinets made of industrial wood.

What is oak veneer covered kitchen cabinet?

This type of kitchen cabinet is made of universal industrial wood types such as MDF, MFC, HDF, the surface is covered with a layer of oak from 0.3 to 0.6 mm thick and thoroughly dried to increase beauty and quality items, serving the needs of the user.

Advantages and disadvantages of oak veneer coated wooden kitchen cabinets

Advantages: The price is cheaper than natural wood kitchen cabinets, the exterior is similar to natural wood, so it serves the needs of homeowners who like to use natural wood cabinets but do not have enough budget. Good resistance to water, moisture, and impact. The wood color is beautiful, does not fade with time, does not warp, shrink due to weather.

Cons: Kitchen cabinets are easy to peel off the oak veneer covering the outside if you buy goods in non-reputable units.

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How much is the price of oak veneer covered kitchen cabinets?

If compared with natural wood kitchen cabinets, of course the price of oak wood kitchen cabinets will be a little cheaper. But if compared with industrial wood kitchen cabinets, surely, wood kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer will have a higher price than the same type of goods that are not laminated on the outside.

Depending on the industrial wood materials as well as the quality of the oak veneer, the product price is likely to be unequal and the difference is from 2.5 million to about 4 million VND.

Sample wooden kitchen cabinets coveredoak veneer beautiful good price

Wooden kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer are constructed in a straight I-style, including wall-mounted cabinets and the bottom are constructed quite similarly. To make the new and airy and harmonious, the lower kitchen cabinet is installed on a 4-foot stand.

Tủ bếp veneer sồi

L-shaped kitchen cabinets are always the first choice of homeowners. By using this style oak veneer coated wooden kitchen cabinet, at the same time maximizing the space for assembling other machines, the kitchen becomes more balanced and beautiful.

Mẫu tủ bếp gỗ veneer sồi
Beautiful and good price wooden kitchen cabinet with coveredoak veneer

Also the wood kitchen cabinet is covered with oak veneer letter I but is constructed large and different from the simple kitchen cabinet above. The cabinet model is quite suitable for apartments with large premises, needs to use many functions, requires formal and modern construction.

Mẫu tủ bếp gỗ veneer sồi đẹp

Wood kitchen cabinets covered with oak veneer are a favorite commodity in the line of industrial wood kitchen cabinets covering the exterior. If you are reviewing the product, Contact The Gioi Moc Company, we will advise you to better know the product, so it is easy to decide to buy them.

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