As people lead busy lives, it has become a common problem for many to have hair fall, since they are unable to properly take care of their hair. Well, the bad news is hair fall is often accompanied by other issues as well such as dandruff, baldness, greying, or even hair thinning.  Well obviously factors like not taking proper care and pollution are to blame, water as well becomes a big issue, hence with so many issues which one cant control Just Herbs thought it is better to take matters into their own hands. They have come up with a solution for all hair-related problems. They have a whole new castor black onion seed range, which consists of a few hair care products which will help your hair regain its texture, and color and rid them of such problems.

Castor black onion seed hair care are a proven remedy, they not only prevent hair fall but also are known to boost hair growth. The benefits of black onion seeds for hair growth are as follows – 

    1. Purely Ayurvedic remedy –

It is an ayurvedic solution it contains “Keshaya” which is known to do wonders for hair growth. It is one of the most important hair care products to own. As Keshaya is known for its qualities, it also provides with smoother texture making the hair stronger than ever. Moreover, this has no added preservatives or chemicals which makes it safe to be applied to hair as it has zero side effects. It is suitable for all hair types

    2.  The specialty –

Cator black onion seeds are known to restore overall hair health. The shampoo which is a part of the product not only nourishes but also has an intensely moisturizing conditioner which makes it more the reason to apply it. It washes away the build-up present in the scalp and strengthens the hair roots which results in healthy and shiny hair.

   3.  Antioxidant Properties –

The black onion seed for hair growth used in these products by Just herbs are known to be powerful antioxidants. These antioxidizing black onion seeds help to restore hair health and they also promote hair growth by strengthening hair follicles.

   4. Importance of Castor black onion seed oil –

They are known to be extracted from castor beans. Castor beans are rich in nutrients and so are their seeds rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and also in antioxidants. All of these properties cause them to be so helpful to the hair that they strengthen the hair strands, promote hair growth, and nourish the dry scalp. These qualities make castor black onion seeds one of the most important ingredients to be present in hair care products. 

   5.  Medicinal Properties –

Well, the benefits are always surprising as they are so many and have always been unknown to people. They contain “Bhringraj” which is a medicinal plant. Now, this plant has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, in the war against dandruff, itchiness, and premature greying of hair, it acts like the best soldier and helps your hair win this battle.