According to a recent study from the University of South Australia, “a handful of almonds” may help us maintain our weight. “Researchers studying how almonds affect human appetite discovered that a snack of 30-50 gramme of almonds could encourage people to consume fewer kilojoules per day,” according to an ANI report. The results have been published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

It was discovered that people who ate almonds instead of an energy-equivalent carb-rich snack consumed 300 kilojoules less at the next meal.

Almonds are an excellent healthy snack to include in your daily diet. We are now excited to investigate how almonds may affect appetite during a weight loss diet and how they may aid in long-term weight management “Dr Sharayah Carter of the University of South Australia’s Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition, and Activity explains (ARENA).

Here’re 5 Interesting Ways To Include Almonds In Your Winter Diet:

Badam Kahwa:

Kahwa is a popular Kashmiri drink that serves as a natural source of many essential nutrients, including protein and healthy fats. This recipe also includes the goodness of badam (almonds). The recipe can be found here.

Dates And Nuts Ladoo:

Winter and excess go hand in hand. We have a perfect winter-special recipe that will not only satisfy your cravings but will also provide you with plenty of healthy nutrients. We only use almonds and other nuts, dates, and desiccated coconut in this ladoo recipe.

Sweet Chilli Almonds:

These bite-sized morsels are ideal for satisfying all of your unexpected hunger pangs. Almonds are coated in egg white and chilli masala before being roasted to perfection.

Sauteed Broccoli And Almonds:

Here’s a recipe for a winter-special sabzi. To make this healthy and delicious dish, we combine fresh and crunchy broccoli and almonds with butter, garlic, and salt.

Oats And Almond Biscuit:

Let’s be honest: winter calls for a steaming cup of masala chai. And to go with it, we’ve got this delectable biscuit recipe with the goodness of oats and almonds.