We’ve arrived in the season of winter, and with it come slow mornings when all you want to do is curl up in your blanket for a few more minutes before getting back to your routine. Being in bed for an extended amount of time, on the other hand, suggests that your schedule may be slightly affected, right? Undoubtedly, you would like to start your day with a nutritious breakfast, but is there a way to do so in a way that requires you to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen? We believe it is a sound idea. A few of the creative breakfast dishes that we’ve selected for you can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

Here are some dishes for quick breakfasts to get you started:

Eggs in A Baked Tomato Sauce

Many homes include eggs in their breakfast plans regularly. You should experiment with different ways of preparing eggs if you are wary of the traditional method. You will be able to create a protein-rich breakfast in under 15 minutes using this recipe. Served with bread toast, this wonderful baked egg dish is a must-try.

Murmured Apple

Breakfast from the south Indian subcontinent is something many of you look forward to. A platter of steaming apple, sambar, and coconut chutney is certain to lift your spirits. It may take some time to prepare the conventional rice apple, but utilizing puffed rice (murmure) to make this breakfast will be done in a matter of minutes.

Almond and Banana Oatmeal

When the weather becomes chilly, this is a go-to breakfast option. This recipe is nutritious, easy to prepare, and provides a slew of health advantages. Banana and almond porridge is a nutritious breakfast option that is ideal for the colder months.

Upma with Green Peas

What better way to start the day than with a plate of hot and tasty up? Roasted semolina, fresh green peas, and a slew of spices make this a favorite morning dish in many countries throughout the world. Fresh coriander leaves are a must-have garnish.

Oatmeal Porridge 

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of this famous breakfast staple. Even if you only have a few minutes to cook breakfast, you may always play around with your porridge. You may prepare oatmeal porridge that is both nutritious and delicious. It has a beneficial probiotic, is high in iron, and is low in calories. It’s also a terrific option for health-conscious individuals.

Dal Cheela (Mixed Dal)

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast option, ‘Cheela’ or ‘Chila’ can be your go-to choice for the morning meal. This mixed dal cheela is high in protein and has the flavors of a variety of pulses, including moong, arhar, chana, and urad, all of which are nutritious and delicious. Prepare this desi pancake in 15 minutes or less and your family will be begging you for more.

Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes

Winter mornings call for something delicious, soothing, and nutritious to start the day. In that case, eggs are the best option available. Make some extremely wonderful scrambled eggs with a little milk, butter, salt, and pepper. You can serve this dish with some Kona coffee or your favorite beverage. 

Fried Eggs in A Skillet

Eggs are a diverse breakfast choice that can be served hot or cold.

With these simple dishes, you can make a nutritious breakfast for yourself and your family any day without having to get out of bed early.


Some of the most interesting breakfast recipes may be prepared in under 15 minutes. Many of you look forward to your morning breakfast, which is influenced by the south Indian subcontinent. A warm tray of apple, sambar, and coconut chutney is sure to brighten your day and your mood. Porridge made with bananas and almonds is a filling and nutritious breakfast alternative that is perfect for the cooler months. If you’re looking for something quick and easy for breakfast, try ‘Cheela’ or ‘Chila’.


Mixes of pulses, such as moong, arhar, chana, and urad, are used to create this high-protein dish that includes the flavors of several different pulses. You can whip up this desi pancake in 15 minutes or less, and your family will urge you to prepare more for them.