I’m a sucker for playmakers, and I’m not certain if there’s any better Madden 23 coins pure defensive player out there in free agency than Mathieu. It’s true that the Chiefs had to allow him go because of cap restrictions so someone has to get a difference-maker. It’s true that he won’t be able to play every down, but that doesn’t matter.

No. 4. Odell Beckham Jr., WR

OBJ is still weighing his options, and nobody will accept him without looking for an obscene amount of money. I’m sure that when the dust settles he’ll return to the Rams but it’s more uncertain after Los Angeles signed Allen Robinson.

Indianapolis is a potential destination, as is a team like the Chiefs particularly following the sale of Tyreek Hill.

No. 5: Akiem Hicks, DT

A strong, reliable defensive tackle with a Pro Bowl pedigree? I don’t mind that his age is 32 at this stage. A shortened injury schedule in 2021 could be a large reason why Hicks hasn’t yet been signed but while on the field Hicks was always as reliable as ever.

No. 6: Jadeveon Clowney, DE

Clowney is a good pass rusher who rotates at the present time in his career. The thing that is most unfortunate is that he didn’t live as he claimed after college, and I believe that the stigma lingers with him around. If you know what to expect , then you’ll have an awesome third-down pass rusher who’ll come onto the field and cause a bit of disruption.

No. 7: Duane Brown, OT

Brown is old, nobody will get it wrong, but he’s also a mega reliable player who’s a great fit on a team as strong as Indianapolis buy madden nfl 23 coins . The Colts need a massive presence on the offensive side and some leadership.