Everyone needed boxes for any sort of work? Yes, probably you have because custom kraft boxes have been used for years now in the packaging industry for storing and transporting different items. The most commonly used boxes are called kraft boxes. These boxes are made up of hard cardboard which can be very useful to carry a range of large and heavy items too.

There are different types of kraft boxes which are used to perform a specific task based on the needs of the users. If you do not customize the boxes and buy them directly from the market then you would end up with either a box which is bigger or smaller than the intended shape of the enclosed product. It can have different shape so the items kept inside will take more space. This is the reason why customization of kraft boxes is very common nowadays.


Most of the kraft packaging boxes which are found in local markets and are available on online stores are square or rectangular kraft boxes. One such type is also used to pack pizza. These boxes are the best for keeping general items.

They can be reused also in many cases if they previously did not contain any such items like oily food items, greasy items or any other kinds of items which can permanently cause the kraft box to become unusable. These boxes can also be used to make temporary donations or collection boxes. They find their uses almost everywhere. Larger ones can be used to keep files, folders and emails. These are very useful types of kraft boxes.


Circular kraft boxes packaging are not very common. They have to be ordered on demand from different sources. They also vary in sizes and can be made as large as possible for keeping almost each and everything from general houses hold items to delicate items. Due to the circular shape, they usually do not open like square boxes. They are usually lift up top type boxes instead of folding top. These are suitable for small items.


A triangular kraft box is the rarest of all. This custom kraft box has to be made on order as they cannot be found very easily from market. Due to the triangular shape these are the best boxes in case of strength. These can keep the items inside safe. If they fall from a large height the most which happens to such a box is that the edges and corners become a little pushed inside. These are usually the smallest kind of boxes and are also the most visually appealing because of such asymmetrical and geometrical shape


Custom Kraft boxes are very useful in daily life. Our daily consumables are packaged in these types of boxes. These boxes are the most favorable in case of transport of objects. These boxes keep the objects safe from the outside environment and also keep them from taking shock or impact until a sudden limit.

There are many customizations that can be applied to the kraft boxes based on the functions that they have to serve. There are rectangular, square, circular and triangular boxes. The square and rectangular boxes are the easiest to find from the local market. This is why it is very widely used especially we see such boxes in pizza deliveries, cake boxes etc. The type less common than the square box is the circular box. These are usually small and are used as gift boxes. These boxes are of use for many other purposes too. The least common type is the triangular box. The specialty of this shape is that it offers best strength. All the custom boxes have their own uses based on their purpose.