Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution: Minecraft’s world is divided into chunks. Each chunk is a set with 16 blocks along all directional axes. Each chunk is rendered by the game one at a time. Every chunk also has its own ore generation system. This is true for both Minecraft Java as well as the Bedrock editions . Ore distribution is the process of creating ores in Minecraft.

The world heights have an impact on the distribution of ore. The world height is 320 blocks, while the lowest point is at 64 blocks. If you know the preferred height for each ore you will find it within the majority of the game’s chunks at that particular world height. In some cases, however, biomes can also play a part in ore generation. More on this later.

 Where Players Should Go To Find Ores. Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution

Minecraft 1.19 distributes Ores with triangular geometry. Each Ore has a distribution layer that is connected to it. This is a range of levels between the minimum and maximum.

The ranges in the table show how ore generation probabilities change depending on your chosen number. The midpoint between maximum and minimum distribution is the best place to find Ore.

You can see that the minimum value is the first level of Overworld. This is the highest the resource can generate. However, the highest value is at the end of Ore’s range.

These two levels are the minimum required to find the resource. These extremes also have the slightest chance of containing Ore.

The chances of this Ore being generated increase as you move up between these two levels. This is the best chance to reach the middle between these extremes.

A resource may have a distribution range between 10-30. This means that it is most likely that the 20th level will contain Ore. Now that you are better acquainted with the Distribution system let’s dive into the details.

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution

Minecraft1.18 scores follow a triangular distribution structure. The spawn rates of these ores increase and decrease with each player’s Y-level. Because the spawn rates are highest, the midpoint of an ore’s distribution range is usually the best place to look for that Ore.

This distribution hasn’t changed since Minecraft 1.19. The graphic below shows how this works in-game. You can also find details about each Ore below.


Coal has a wide distribution range. It can be found from Y-level 226 to Y-level 0. Note that coal spawns can be affected by air below Y=136. This means caves won’t be good sources of this Ore at lower levels.

Mountain biomes can quickly spawn openly, making them ideal for large quantities of coal. The change in ore distribution has made chunks of Ore more considerable. This is particularly noticeable when mining coal.

Coal is used to create torches and furnace fuel in Minecraft. This is the first resource that survivalists must have. It allows users to cook and find other ores. To lighten dark areas, it can also be used to craft torches. You can make Charcoal from smelting wood logs. However, it is more expensive.


Copper can be found at Y-levels 1 through 16 in all biomes. However, its spawn rates are significantly higher in dripstone caves. No matter where a player decides to hunt for Copper, the level they should aim for is Y=48. Copper must be melted to make Copper bars. These can then be used for crafting various objects.

Copper is a more niche item in the game. Copper isn’t a vital resource yet. However, it can be used for making Copper blocks. If players don’t use honeycomb wax to protect them, they will eventually oxidize or change color. It can also be used as a spyglass. This allows players to zoom in and is perhaps the best utility. It can also be used as a lightning rod to protect houses against lightning strikes.


The diamond in Minecraft 1.18 is found between Y-levels 16 to -64. Y-level 58 are the best places to farm it. Diamonds are the most desired resource in Overworld Minecraft. Players must craft several pieces of Diamond gear to upgrade their weapons and armor to the most potent Netherite items.

Diamonds can be used in the same way as iron and Gold. They can be used to create tools, weapons, and armor of Diamond-grade, which are extremely strong, and provide a lot of protection, damage, and utility. Diamonds are rare, but players can find them by using a pickaxe with a Fortune III enchantment or at least Fortune II to mine them. This will increase the number of Diamonds they get from each block.


You can spawn Gold from Y level 256 to Y level -64. However, there are some essential facts to keep in mind. You can only have Gold between Y-levels 32 and 256 in Minecraft’s badlands biome. This is because no land mass can support it. If players want to find Gold in non-badlands biomes, they should stick to levels 32 through 64. The best option is -16.

The most critical resource is Gold. You can use it to make tools, armor, and weapons. However, they are often weak and not durable. It can be used to trade with Piglins in the Nether. The Nether is also an excellent alternative location for players seeking to mine many Gold nuggets. Nine can be made into a Gold Ingot.


Iron, alongside wood and coal, is the essential resource in the game. As players hunt for Diamond-tier equipment, they will most likely craft an entire set of Iron armor, tools, and weapons.

The appearance of iron has undergone a minor overhaul. Raw Iron is now different than the Iron ore block it used to drop, so those who have just returned to Minecraft may be surprised by the new appearance.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli spawns between Y levels 64 & -64, though not often. Players have a slight chance of finding this Ore if they focus on Y=0. But only if the player strip mine for it. Lucky for players, one more block usually drops multiple Lapis Lazuli. This number increases if the player has Fortune III or Fortune II pickaxe enchantments.

Lapis Lazuli’s primary purpose is to make enchantment objects in Minecraft. It is easy to avoid farming Lapis Lazuli because of its low cost. Lapis Lazuli can be used to obtain blue dye in the game. However, it is not an enchantment currency.

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Redstone, found between Y levels 16 and 64, has a similar distribution to Diamond. Again, Ore spawns at Y level -58 most often. Redstone can appear in chunks . With Fortune III and Fortune II, players can increase their ability to extract Redstone Dust from a single Redstone block.

Redstone’s primary purpose is to build circuitry in Minecraft. Redstone serves as a powering element, which can be used for various Redstone and Redstone block constructions.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch & Xbox One.