The investment you make in the real estate investment is surely the most significant purchase of your life. This is a major life choice that must be handled with extreme caution and cautiousness. Investors usually seek out opportunities to earn high returns and have a low chance of losing. This is the reason why many investors are looking for the best investment pans, which can increase the amount of return they earn the next level within a few months or years , with a minimum risk. Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot is a community that has an exclusive touch of luxury life in the community. It is definitely the top among the top residential societies to live a luxurious lifestyle . It offers excellent connectivity and numerous options to lead an extravagant life. It is the only one of its unique projects located in Sialkot

Investment at Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot

One of the most secure real estate investments you can make within Sialkot, Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot is an extremely well-planned and high-tech luxury residential project. We are all aware that Sialkot is Pakistan’s governmental and commercial city, with an increasing population and rising property prices,Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot offers the most lucrative investment opportunity at the moment to leverage your capital principally by placing your money into the commercial and residential property.

Amenities of Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot

In any society that is investing they are looking for possibilities and amenities that society provides. That’s why developers have demonstrated an intense interest in the provision of facilities and amenities that are unlike other society in order to attract potential investors and for their the purpose of living.

Gated Community

Similar to any other housing society this one will be an enclosed community. The main entry point of the community is already restricted. People who are not approved will not be allowed within living spaces. The area will be enclosed by a barrier to create the security layer. Other features, such as facial identification and keys are also being included in the community to stop undesirable acts. Water, electricity and suigas Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot is located in a far location. The connection for suigas water and electricity are not always accessible in this region. This is why developers face numerous issues when offering these facilities. The workers are working all throughout the day and night in order to alleviate the investors and provide them with the necessities of modern living, which includes 24 all-hour access to gas, electricity, and water so that residents of the community can enjoy an unhurried environment.

Commercial and educational institutes as well as a hub

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot has master-planned the community to be an one of the most top commercial hubs in the state . With a CPEC route close by The possibilities for business are endless. The masterplan of this stunning society is based on international standards. schools across all zones of the society for the convenience of citizens.

24/7 Security

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot has a focus on safeguarding and protection of their residents and visitors with a lot of care. They have installed 24/7 security cameras in the entire housing society. Apart from that they have appointed a team of security guards who are trained. They will monitor the cameras and monitor the amazing actions in the scheme. This will ensure a safe and comfortable surroundings for the people who reside there.

An large web of roads with carpets

The community will have large carpeted roads as part of its infrastructure. The construction of roads is already underway. The roads and streets is being constructed to connect all parts in the residential scheme. The widths of roads are anticipated to be 40 60, 60 and 80 feet, as well as 100, 100 or 120 feet long. Green belts will be developed along the roads, and pedestrian pathways and sidewalks will be built.

Public Transport

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot will provide an internal transportation system within the Housing Society. It will provide a transport service that will connect the main entrance to each block within the society. The network will also assist people to get to know the community.

Electric Power plant

Like water deficiency, load-shedding is a different issue that is faced by residents in twin cities. Al Marjaan Housing SialkotĀ  aims to establish a load-shedding-free housing society. They plan to build the power source of electricity within the society. This power station will generate electricity, which will guarantee the supply of sufficient energy to meet the demands of the entire community.

Underground Electricity

To ensure the picturesque views and the cleanliness of the housing community developers have included underground electrical wiring on the master plan. This is not a new concept however it is an effective option that increases the security of housing developments. This is why numerous communities are choosing to go underground with their electric systems. Residents will be protected from electrical accidents and electrical accidents as a result of this upgrade.

Safety Services

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot will be equipped with a fully functioning and flexible security team that will be constantly on watch to assist with any illegal activities within the society housing. The guards will be assigned for the primary entrance to the society.

Health centers as well as Hospital

Being healthy is the primary requirement for all people. The society wants to live in a place that is able to easily get access to medical facilities. Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot will be home to an operational hospital with 40 beds. It will also be fitted with the latest equipment and equipment. Apart from that, there will be a variety of medical centers that will be situated in each block to help with the day-to-day patients or emergencies.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

A sewerage treatment plant that uses modern technology will be installed across the community to ensure an ecological and safe garbage disposal process inn your housing community. It will be located beneath the ground so that it is not a threat to the natural beauty and aesthetics of the place is not harmed.

Plant to filter water

Water is a necessity for living. Within twin cities a lot of suffer from the problem of water insufficiency. Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot designed the solution to this issue. This housing association will be self-sufficient, sustainable and long-lasting water supply. It will supply fresh and clean water to residents. This will improve the quality of life for residents of The Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot.

The most luxurious facilities are available within Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot

The housing society not just will provide essential needs of living, but it has will also provide a wide range of amenities for its residents. Here are some luxurious characteristics.

Theaters, cinemas, and the like

If we think of entertainment and leisure activities What comes to the mind is theaters and cinemas. Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot will develop cinemas through the introduction of 3D I-max cinemas with new features. This is the most advanced technology in the world of cinema.

Adventure Club

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot will have its own adventure club. The club will bring the people together and create social bonds among members of the community. The club will host a diverse number of exciting activities to delight its members. The events could include paragliding, horseback riding treasure hunts paintball war dirt bike riding, parachuting, laser fighting or hiking, rock climbing and many more.

Safari Zoo

As we’ve already mentioned, the developers of society also have created luxurious activities for society. That’s the reason another notable feature of Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot is the safari zoo, which has safe routes and paths that have a wide range of different species of birds, wild animal and species that roam all over the place.

Cultural complex and sports:

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot will have Multifunctional athletics as well as cultural complexes. The complex will be a place for additional curricular events, culture events and performances of traditional shows. These complexes for sports will comprise a gym as well as separate stadiums and grounds to play games and sports like football stadiums.

Spa and water pools clubs

Another advantage of investing in a housing association is the availability of high-end services. The society will provide warm swimming pools, spa clubs and saloons. Residents will be able to enjoy a variety of enjoyable activities at these spas, including massage, facials and a variety of relaxing sessions.

Water theme park

The society’s developers are planning to construct the biggest theme park to be built in Pakistan. The park will include exciting water rides and water slides, as well as artificial waterfalls, water pools for women children and men and water-surfing. The park will be constructed on international standards and built in collaboration with an international organisations.

Services of Al Marjaan Housing

Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot has seen a tremendous growth rate and emerged as the fastest-growing project development in Sialkot . Residential, commercial, and private infrastructure developments are accelerating, allowing Al Marjaan to become a highly sought-after real estate destination. Commercial arenas are the foundation of every construction, Lake Business District and City walk are the ideal commercial space for your business to grow. And don’t forget the huge project called Mosque, which is in the beginning designed to be inspired by the design and architecture that is Istanbul’s Great Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Then what is more Al Marjaan Housing has to provide its valued Investors?

The lower prices for properties when compared with any other real estate development within Islamabad and Rawalpindi with a great connection with the Islamabad international airport serves as an incentive to draw buyers their interest. Greater public transportation options as a result of the proposed road ring and 24-7 availability of cabs, buses, and apps ensures a hassle-free journeys. The well-constructed city infrastructure will ensure that the area does not have major water-logging or sanitation or waste disposal problems. So, investing on Al Marjaan Housing Sialkot properties property can be a source of comfort for those who are looking for secure investment options. This isn’t it. The housing society consists of the same services like other societies like Al Bari Housing and many others that is the reason why it has brought to the region in order to create a perfect for living and investing. Make sure to reserve your plot because they are available at affordable cost. You can reserve your plots with Daaclay.