When choosing an outfit the primary concern is the fitting and size of the garment. It is quite overwhelming to find your favourite piece of clothing in the right size. When it comes to designer Kurtis, then an improper fitting can destroy the complete look of the attire. Just like every coin has two sides, wholesale readymade dress material for salwar kameez and ready-made Kurtis has their benefits. As readymade garments are easily available and don’t require any effort which is leading to the demand for such garments. However, dress material kills your concern about the size and is still the first choice of some Indian ethnic lovers.



Benefits of Wearing Readymade Kurtis

Readymade Kurtis is the first choice of Indian ethnic lovers. The availability of patterns, designs, fabric, and trends makes readymade designer Kurtis the favourite of all.

Advantages of Readymade Designer Kurtis

Available On Spot

You don’t have to wait to get the fabric stitched. Go to SM Creation and buy your favourite Kurti from the Kurti catalogue and you are ready to rock all the celebrations and festivities.

If you want something gorgeous to wear instantly, readymade designer Kurtis is waiting for you.


Patterns and Styles

As the readymade Kurtis requirements increase rapidly, every day there is a new trend, design, and pattern available in various materials. You have incomparable choices of patterns and styles of designer Kurtis in the market.


Trending Patterns

Readymade clothes are always available as per the season. You don’t have to search for the fabric, just go to the online apparel site and buy comfortable clothes for any season.


Saves Time

No stress of buying fabric, finding an experienced tailor to give measurements, and then waiting for the final garment. Just pay and purchase your favourite Kurti instantly. It saves a lot of time and effort.


Try and Buy

While buying the readymade Kurtis, you have the liberty to try them and check how they will look on you. In this world, first, try and then buy, the readymade garment is like a best friend for all shoppers.




Measurement Concern

At times you don’t get the exact pattern as per your size and fit which is the biggest disadvantage of wearing readymade designer Kurtis.



Sometimes, ready-made garments of fabric like chiffon, chanderi silk, banarasi silk, zari-weaved silk and georgette are quite expensive and you might not find them worth buying.


Improper Stitch

You won’t always get a readymade dress with perfect stitches. Sometimes, there is a poor stitch and it also costs you to get it repaired again.


Advantages of Wholesale Readymade Dress Material

Dress material reduces your stress in finding the perfect fit, as you have a choice to get it tailored as per your requirements. Let’s know more about why dress material is still in trend:


Customization as per requirement

The foremost benefit of buying a dress material for salwar kameez is that you can get it customized as per your design and patterns. You can get the short, flared, or straight paired bottom and mismatch it with the Kurti.

The length and measurement can be as per your choice and you can even get the desired design pattern. While wearing Salwar Kameez if the size is not accurate per your body, it will bulge out and won’t justify the attire look.


Pick any Fabric

Sometimes between the desired pattern and fabric, you have to choose either when you are wearing the readymade designer Kurtis. The dress material is the best solution for such a problem. Buy any dress material from SM Creation and get the fabric customized as per your choice.

Dress material gives you the biggest relief of wearing any design in any season. No more restricting certain patterns due to the unavailability of fabric as per the season. Slay your ethnic wear in georgette, cotton, crepe, linen, velvet, and silk.


Fitting and Measurements

Fitting is the biggest concern while wearing Salwar Kameez. Sometimes, your favourite designer Kurtis is not available in your size – height, or width. Tailored dress material will give you the liberty of designing the whole dress as per your fit and maximum comfort.

Also, there is no concern about the alteration and the right fitting. Also, it won’t reduce the quality of the fabric, because multiple alterations affect the quality of the material.



Matching the Kurtis with pants is such stress. Sometimes if the pattern is matching, then the colour is not matching and vice versa. But, when you buy wholesale readymade dress material, first it comes in a wide range, and secondly, there is a wide range of patterns available.

Besides this, heavily embroidered and zari work is better available in dress materials compared to readymade Kurtis.


Dress materials are budget-friendly compared to the readymade salwar kameez. As customized dress material doesn’t demand alteration, you save a lot of money without compromising the patterns and designs.

Readymade salwar kameez of luxurious fabrics like chiffon, chanderi silk, banarasi silk, zari weaved silk and georgette is very expensive due to the handcrafted work on it. But when you buy unstitched material it is much cheaper and even available in other fabrics and designs like Batik, Madhubani, abstract designs, etc.


Disadvantages of Dress Material


Time Consuming

It takes time to get the dress material stitched as per your requirement. You have to be prepared with the type of design and fabric for a week to get stitched. When you need ethnic wear for any wedding, it won’t be available instantly.

Look for Resources

You can’t give wholesale readymade dress material to a random tailor. You need to make an effort to find the right experienced person who can craft a desired design and pattern on the fabric without spoiling its quality.