When you hear the word of cigarette, both smokers and nonsmokers will have a vague image in their minds that cigarettes are bad for you. This image is not mistaken. Tobacco is really a dangerous substance that has a negative impact on the human body.

There are many different types of cigarettes. There are a variety of types of cigarettes, including the “real cigarettes” introduced in this article, as well as “electronic cigarettes” that are designed to help people quit smoking and to address health issues.

In this issue, we will introduce the dangers of continuing to smoke conventional real cigarettes, the fear of tar contained in real cigarettes, the differences between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes, and the reasons why switching to e-cigarettes is recommended, as well as their effects.

Disadvantages of Continuing to Smoke Real Cigarettes

Some smokers have tried to quit smoking real cigarettes but have failed many times, some have reduced the amount of real cigarettes they smoke in order to quit smoking but do not know how long it will last, and some are gradually trying to quit smoking by using both real and electronic cigarettes. Some are non-smokers who are trying to quit.

Some may be thinking of switching to e-cigarettes instead of real cigarettes to avoid negative effects on their loved ones who are non-smokers, as well as on those around them. Regardless of the purpose, the negative effects of real cigarettes on the human body are so great that it is best to quit smoking if at all possible.

So let’s start by learning about the disadvantages of continuing to smoke real cigarettes and understanding the dangers of smoking. These are all dangerous issues that are not limited to smokers alone, but also relate to their loved ones and others around them.

**What are Real Cigarettes? **

Some people have switched from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes for a variety of reasons: to promote health, because they are concerned about the impact on their surroundings, or because they have become uncomfortable with the idea of smoking due to the perception that smoking is bad for you.

E-cigarette and heated cigarette smokers sometimes refer to traditional cigarettes as “real cigarettes. Since many people use e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes for the purpose of quitting smoking, they may reproduce the shape, aroma, and feel of a real cigarette (=paper cigarette), incorporating the characteristics of a real cigarette.

Conventional real cigarettes (=paper-rolled cigarettes) are rolled with finely chopped tobacco leaves in a special paper called cigarette paper. The tobacco leaves are lit and inhaled through a filter, and they contain many toxic substances that are harmful to the human body.

Smoking Real Tobacco has only negative effects not only for the smoker but also for those around him or her. When you see the health problems that real cigarettes can cause, as described below, you will want to get rid of real cigarettes now, switch to e-cigarettes, and eventually quit smoking.

**What is the difference between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes? **

So far, we have looked at the disadvantages of smoking real cigarettes, and many of you may already be considering switching to “e-cigarettes” at this stage.

Let us now move on to the differences between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes and the advantages of switching to e-cigarettes.

Below are the main differences between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes.

E-cigarettes contain no tar.

Real cigarettes refer to traditional paper cigarettes. The material used for paper cigarettes is tobacco leaf, which produces toxic substances. On the other hand, the main characteristic of e-cigarettes is that they do not use tobacco leaves.

The material used in e-cigarettes made in China vape factory is not tobacco leaf but “liquid liquid. The liquid does not contain tobacco leaves. The absence of tobacco leaves means “no tar”.

Since e-cigarettes do not contain tar, which is considered harmful to the human body, they have minimal impact on family members, children, and others around them, including smokers.

E-cigarettes are cigarettes that are not lit.

One of the differences between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes is whether they use fire or not. An e-cigarette heats a special liquid by heat conduction without using fire, and the vapor produced by the heat conduction is inhaled. E-cigarettes also reduce the “risk of fire” because they are heated by electric power without using fire.

The benefits of switching to e-cigarettes

By switching from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you can enjoy the following benefits.

1.Protect your precious family

Switching to e-cigarettes, carcinogenic substances such as tar will not affect your family and children through secondhand smoke. This is because the liquid used in e-cigarettes contains no tar. And since no fire is used, there is no secondhand smoke. Although a lot of vapor smoke is produced, by being mindful of where and when you smoke and by using good manners, you can use e-cigarettes without any trouble and without worrying about the people around you.

2.Effect of smoking cessation

Smoking real cigarettes, which contain addictive substances, can lead to the urge to smoke if you do not smoke for a long time, and it is very difficult to quit smoking on your own will. With e-cigarettes, you can enjoy the sensation of smoking a real cigarette by inhaling a large amount of vapor, and it can distract you from the symptoms of dependence. E-cigarette liquids sold in Japan are nicotine-free. If you want to make a gradual effort to quit smoking, one option is to import and use nicotine-containing liquids made overseas.


In this article, we have focused on the disadvantages of continuing to smoke real cigarettes (conventional paper cigarettes) and the dreaded tar, a harmful substance.

It is not too late to start making efforts to protect your precious family and children from real cigarettes, which contain ingredients harmful to the human body. The first thing you can do now is to quit smoking. And one tool that can help you quit smoking is the electronic cigarette.

If a person who has smoked real cigarettes for years can switch to e-cigarettes and quit smoking completely, he or she will not only be protecting his or her own health, but also the health of his or her family, children, friends, colleagues, and the people around him or her.