Antelope Beads can provide a piece of one-of-a-kind, intricately detailed flat leather that will help you deviate from the conventional beaded bracelet. Our fabric, cork, and flat leather cords are available in various styles and textures, ranging from smooth, Mexican, and Arizona flat leather to scaled, snakeskin, or sparkly crystal-studded leather cord. When combined with any of the clasps and findings that we stock, you will have the ability to create beaded leather bracelets that are truly one of a kind.

If you purchase one of our leather craft tools, such as a flat leather hole punch, you will have everything you need to create your own beaded leather bracelets from scratch. Our tools are designed to be user-friendly and long-lasting, and we guarantee that they will assist you in the making jewellery even more efficiently.

What exactly is meant by “Round Leather Cord”?

The material known as a round leather cord is crafted from leather cords supplier and formed into a very long, round piece that is very thin. Because the cord can come in various thicknesses, this is one of the most important considerations when choosing a size. It is an exact string, flexible, and soft material, making it quite versatile in that it can be both decorative and functional, depending on how it is used. Because of its stringiness, flexibility, and softness, it is often used in string art.

1. a flat leather strip cord with Lolli Beads

This leather string is a dark brown colour, 3 millimetres in width, and comes on a roll that is 5 yards long. It is a fairly pricey product that is ideal for use in conjunction with other leather materials because it is made of genuine leather that has not been spliced and has a square cross-section. This particular style is just one of many sizes, styles, lengths, and colouration that are available from the brand in addition to this one.

2. Feather Suede and Lace Rea leather

The suede used in the construction of this string is authentic and of the highest quality; it has a deep colour and is as supple as butter. It is attractive, but because it is suede, it is best used for projects that do not require durability, and it is not ideal for footwear and other items that can be exposed to the elements or harsh conditions. The best use for it would be for projects that do not require durability. It can be purchased in two widths (2.4 and 3 millimetres) and in eleven different colours.

3. Panda Hall Faux Suede Cords

This multipack of suede-like microfiber cords comes in a kaleidoscope of colours, allowing students to let their imaginations run wild in the classroom or the art room where they are using these cords. The total length of the cord is 165 yards, and each roll has 5.5 yards worth of 3-millimetre cord on it. It is less fragile than natural leather in addition to being more reasonably priced because it is an imitation of suede.

4. String Made of Genuine Leather by Mandala Crafts

Beads move much more freely along the smooth surface of round leather string like this option from Mandala Crafts, making it an excellent choice for bead work. It contrasts how beads would move along a suede-finish or flat cord. It also maintains its flat shape while braided, stitched, or wrapped. This genuine cowhide string has been spliced to achieve its extended length. It is available in various colours, the majority of which are neutral, with widths ranging from one to six millimetres.

5. Peachy Keen Crafts Faux Leather Cord

This string made of synthetic round leather cord comes in a pack of four colours: white, tan, brown, and black; included in the pack are ten yards of each colour. The suede microfiber that makes up the cord is durable and comfortable. Additionally, it is a more affordable product, in addition to being a vegan alternative for consumers who are looking to shop in a more environmentally conscious manner.