PM Modi has dreamt about the digital India for which they are taking innovative initiatives. Recently, an announcement was made that will favor digital transactions. We are talking about the e-RUPI, an official Indian digital payment solution. We see this as an opportunity and transformational move toward futuristic technology. Thus, we have planned to double this happiness with something innovative.

e-RUPI will be treated as a voucher. Be it tribe community people, needy, small businesses, farmers, or any individual can acquire the benefits of this e-RUPI. One significant thing is that we don’t need to install digital apps on our phones.

e-RUPI Features, Application, Download, and Procedure

After endless day-night work, India finally has its official digital payment currency. It is a cashless, contactless, QR & SMS string-integrated e-voucher. National Payment Corporation of India has overlooked the entire development and launching cycle. Department of Financial Services, the national health authority, and the Ministry of health & family Welfare have collaborated and added mutual efforts.

You must be curious to know how many transactions you can access with e-RUPI Digital. Reserve Bank of India has disclosed that it ranges from 10000 to Rs. 1Lakh. Like, the mobile voucher, the e-rupee voucher benefits the same. As long as you have the balance, you can do the transaction once it’s running out of the credited amount; you can’t use it to make a transaction. 

Currently, 11 banks have integrated this voucher facility with their customers. Eight other banks are planning to initiate the operation soon. All the federal and central government has supported this solution and its benefits & functionalities.

What are the features of e-RUPI Digital?

Get to know about the most significant features or highlights of the e-RUPI.

We know it’s a contactless, virtual, cashless transaction solution.’

Where we can securely process the transaction to any service provider; for this, we only need to scan the QR code and SMS string. Additionally, the OTP confirmation code keeps the Payment secure, private, and hassle-free.

All iOS and Android phone or regular phone users can redeem voucher benefits securely through the app, with No involvement of internet banking or credit card and debit card.

Individuals can redeem these vouchers in exchange for drugs and other nutritional assistance.

It is one of the beautiful document-free RBI-authorized transactional vouchers. It launched a one-time refill voucher containing a direct fund-transferring facility.

Application of e-RUPI 


As it was initiated explicitly for covid 19 vaccination. It is one of the easy, safe, hassle-free, contact-free payment service instruments. It is a prepaid voucher payment service reliving the hospitals to count cash payments. e-RUPI has made things faster and seamless through the availability of quick QR code scanning/ SMS. More than 1600 hospitals offer this functionality of redemption.

If you are still determining if the hospital is covering the e-RUPI benefits or not. You can check it on your own:

  • Go to the official site of NPCI.
  • Navigate to the what we do option.
  • Hit on the UPI option.
  • Go to the e-RUPI live partners.
  • Hit on the Live Hospitals on e-RUPI.
  • You can access the PDF file containing the names of hospitals providing the e-RUPI facility.


It is a virtual redemption solution to access the well-being benefits and treatment. Corporate employees can without investing a single penny in the distribution. It has eliminated the need to carry the cash physically and other expenses. Alternatively, it is easy to track the voucher status and forward quickly.


No matter what kind of digital platform or tool you are accessing. Security & privacy is concerning factor. e-RUPI Payment can process with the two-step redemption without exposing personal information.

How can you download and get the e-RUPI Digital Application?

  •  As we all know, whenever we want to use any app, we must visit the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.
  • Type the name of e-RUPI in the search bar and hit the search.
  • It will render the list of relevant results.
  • Click on the e-RUPI.
  • To access this on your phone, click to install/ download.
  • The process will start soon.

How does this e-RUPI Voucher work?

  • Wherever you interact with the service provider outlet, show the e-RUPI QR Code or any SMS.
  • The salesperson will ask to scan it.
  • After that, the OTP will be generated, and the beneficiary will get the OTP on your mobile.
  • To verify the action, please share it with the service provider.
  • He will type this OTP code into the appearing box.
  • Hit Proceed.
  • Soon, the payment transaction will receive by the service provider.

Before this Indian digital payment driver or e-RUPI voucher, Bhim UPI fascinated individuals. The vision was the same to involve people in digital transaction activities. The government has been planning on this matter for a long time. But the demonetization event of 

2018 had a broader influence on every individual.

You can also click this link to learn more about UPI 2.0

The digital payment users graph is rising higher, and it’s the true reflection of digital empowerment. India is progressing in each sector, from tech to finance to unicorns.

This e-RUPI has spiked up the operational functionalities of digital transactions. No intermediary is involved here to process the P2P and B2C fund transfer. Your Payment and transaction will be trouble-free, seamless, and end-to-end protected if you have internet connectivity.

The list of Banks and Apps that agree on issuing and operating the e-RUPI are following:

  1. Canara bank
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. YONO SBI Merchant Pay,
  4. Kotak Mahinda Bank
  5. ICICI Bank
  6. Bank Of Baroda
  7. Axis Bank
  8. State Bank of India 
  9. Punjab National Bank
  10. IndusInd Bank,
  11. Indian Bank
  12. Union Bank of India 
  13. Baharat Pe
  14. PNB Merchant Pay
  15. Pine Labs 
  16. BHIM Baroda Merchant Pay

NPCI is the primary driver of the Indian retail Payment and settlement system. It is involved in the circulation of the channel of UPI, cards, high-volume electronic transactions, and immediate payment services. Adding on to this, BHIM Adhar, cheque transaction systems, and adhar-enabled payment systems.