To be a successful landlord, you will need to attract as many tenants to your rental property as possible. Writing a detailed property description for your online listing and taking great photos of your apartments for sale or rental, can help you attract more potential tenants or buyers. However, catering to the needs of tenants is one of the best ways to attract them, especially long-term ones. You have to make sure your rental unit has features that will attract tenants, and you’ll reap the benefits in no time.

Here are the top 5 features that renters adore.

Safety and Security

Every tenant prioritizes safety, not only for their belongings but also for their family. An apartment in a gated community will be far more appealing to tenants than a rental bungalow in a less secure neighborhood. Some of the most appealing features for tenants include 24-hour security, CCTV coverage, surveillance, gated and guarded entrances, automatic locking doors and patrolling guards.

A Well-Maintained Unit and Community

Renters want to live in an apartment where maintenance issues are quickly resolved. They also want to live in a well-kept neighborhood that is free of trash and damaged amenities. When managing a rental property, responding to maintenance requests as soon as possible is important to the business’s success. The property owner or manager should be on top of maintenance and repairs throughout the community and in the apartment.

Parking Area

The availability of a parking space near the rental apartment is one of the many features that attract tenants in Pakistan. This is especially true for people renting an apartment in any of the major cities, where traffic jams and a lack of parking space are common challenges. An apartment complex with its own two to three floors of parking automatically becomes more appealing to a renter because they don’t have to worry about parking on the street or the safety of their vehicle.

Outdoor Spaces

Although it is important to invest in unique features inside the apartment, the reality is that a large number of people want to rent a home with more outdoor space. Renters value areas where they can get some fresh air or enjoy the sun, such as a small park, balcony, roof garden, or fenced yard.


The location of your rental unit can help you to not only close a sale in the future, but it can also ensure that you keep securing good and responsible tenants in the meantime. Every tenant’s dream comes true when they live in a good, safe, and secure neighborhood with a variety of amenities nearby. If you want good tenants to take up tenancy in your unit, avoid noisy, overcrowded, and shady areas around town. Try to aim for properties that are within walking distance of major points of interest like universities, hospitals, restaurants, schools etc. Your potential tenants will only be as good as the property you choose, so choose wisely.

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