A Diamond Royale Voucher will be made available to all customers using a new Free Fire redeem code that Garena has just announced.

The game’s creators typically distribute Free Fire redeem codes in conjunction with different esports competitions, festive holidays, reaching specific milestones, and more. These 12 character codes must be entered on a particular website in order to receive the rewards.

Today’s free Fire redemption code (July 10th)

Code for redemption: ECSMH8ZK763Q

Rewards: 1 voucher for Diamond Royale

Warning: Although the code is active right now, it might shortly expire. Users must therefore act swiftly to receive the award.

Note: Free Fire codes are typically intended for use by participants on a single server only. In this instance, it is meant for players who are using the Europe server. This code won’t work for users from any other regions, and an error notice will appear instead. Furthermore, this mistake cannot be avoided.

Players can rapidly redeem the ticket to obtain the reward by following these steps:

Step 1: Access the Rewards Redemption Site for the game. This link will send users to a new page.

Step 2: Next, users must log in to their Free Fire accounts through one of the available platforms.

  • Facebook \sGoogle \sVK
  • Twitter
  • Huawei ID Apple ID

Since logging in to the ID is required in order to redeem the code, those who only have guest accounts are unable to receive the incentives. They are able to connect it to one of the choices.

3. After signing in, paste the redemption code into the text field and press the confirm button.

Step 4: Click OK in the dialogue box that displays. After being redeemed, rewards must be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Step 5: After receiving their Diamond Royale Voucher in the mail, players can pick it up and utilise it in the Luck Royale section.

When a player sees the error message “Code invalid or redeemed,” it means the code has run out and cannot be used anymore.