Getting your permanent partner visa in Australia is an idea to live with your partner in Australia. When you apply for the Australian Partner Visa, and then initially file an application for a permanent and temporary visa at the same time. Now, we will discuss the complete process you can achieve a temporary visa to a permanent visa.


What Is the Process to Apply for Permanent Partner Visa?

When an applicant applies for the partner visa, then the immigration will generally grant the temporary partner visa initially. With this visa, you can be able to live in Australia and can work there too. To get a temporary visa, you need to wait for 4-18 months after the application is filed. In many conditions generally, the applicant is not granted a permanent visa straight away. Once the 2 years completed from the initial visa application, you can ask the immigration for the transition of the same to the permanent visa.


The application for the permanent partner visa is not difficult compared to you filing for the initial partner visa. There must be the requirement of providing for the documents to prove your relationship, still, if you have provided that with the earlier application. To get the permanent partner visa, you need to log onto your immi account and have to choose the lodge Stage 2- that is permanent partner visa application.


Documents You Need To Submit When Asking For The Stage 2- Permanent Partner Visa

You need to submit the evidence as proof to show that your relationship is the same as it was at the time of lodging for the initial application. To evident your relationship or to prove you both are living together, you can show the lease agreement mentioning the name of both of you as a partner. You can also submit any other recent document declaring the same. Along with that, you are also required to provide the two recent 888 forms from family members or friends that will prove the genuineness of the relationship. Also, the Australian partner of the applicant needs to final a new stat dec. This is an easy process with low requirements. Still, if you find any difficulty then can contact the migration agent Australian who will guide you with the best.


What Are The Cost Of Seeking a Permanent Partner Visa?

This is stage 2 which you have to achieve after getting the temporary visa. And you need to make the final payments at that time only. So, there is no requirement of making any immigration charges for this stage of partner visa.



In How Much Time Applicant Gets Their PR?

The processing time for applications varies depending on different conditions. Some special cases get approval in a matter of some days and for some cases, it takes several months to process.



What Happens When You Are No More With Your Australian Partner?

In case, you are no more with your Australian partner, then you need to inform the immigration immediately. In some serious conditions like death, domestic violence, or there you will not be granted a permanent visa, even if you managed to get the temporary visa. This is for the case of checking the genuine of your relationship by the immigration before they will grant you the permanent visa. This is a simple and very less complex process compared to the initial partner visa.



Conclusion – Getting a permanent Australian Partner visa is a way to live with your soul mate in Australia. This process is a break into two-stage, first temporary visa, and another permanent visa. The first stage is a little complex as required paperwork. For that, you can seek help from an Australian migration agent like us.

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