When it’s time to get ready for the celebrations, the holidays can be both enjoyable and stressful. Many customs are involved, and setting up many of them might take time. An enjoyable activity that can be difficult to complete is hanging Christmas lights in your yard, which can delight families and neighbors.

Let us assist you in removing the guesswork from your holiday light setup with advice from lighting experts, including strategies for concealing wires, the finest lights for wrapping trees, and how to design outdoor Christmas lights this year.

  1. Wrap Shrubs for Christmas

The garden can become much more pleasant to walk through or to look at by adding only a few lights to the landscape. Two white lights wrapped around clipped bushes create a charming entry to a garden room in this walled garden.

Pick up “net lights,” with bulbs dispersed over a square or rectangular lattice of cords to cover outside shrubs uniformly. Make sure the netting is big enough to completely encircle your bushes by checking the box.

  1. Showcase Trees for Christmas

The showcase tree is the best option for you if you’re considering how to design a Christmas light display. Most gardens are silent at this time of year. Wrap the trunk and individual branches in white lights to emphasize the branch structure of deciduous trees. Select a single tree to serve as a specimen, or light up a group of trees for more impact.

  1. Colorful Projections for Christmas

Laser projectors are becoming a more popular technique to produce a magnificent light show while outdoor decorating with no heavy lifting or ladder climbing required. There are numerous types available on the market now, and most have multiple settings and an integrated timer. Sync the light show to your favorite festive song’s beat for added flair.

  1. Decorate the Lawn Sculptures.

There’s no need to take away lawn gnomes or other living lawn sculptures just because it’s the holidays! By hanging lights from sculptures, dressing gnomes in gloves and Santa hats, and however else you can think of, include them into the design. If you have excess indoor decorations that you don’t have room for in your house, this is a terrific way to use them. You can also check out your neighborhood bargain store for clothing for impromptu sculpture.

  1. Light up the Path

Consider lining the walk leading to the door in your front yard with light posts and string lights. This creative idea is a safety precaution so visitors can find your door in the dark and on frosty nights.

A traditional approach to make a straightforward yet stunning light display is with icicle lights. Even though the design is simple, the way these lights hang down gives the impression that the show is complete and finished. A covered porch with icicle-style string lights encircles your roof and railings to achieve this look.

  1. Go Snowflake-Crazy for Christmas Light Display

This idea will work best if your home has a covered deck or porch in front of it. To make it appear like the snowflakes are drifting in the dark, hang big, dazzling snowflakes of all different sizes from the top of your covered regions.

Reasons to Hire a Professional

You can hire a specialized business to develop, shop for, and install a holiday light display instead of doing it yourself because many people don’t know how much do Christmas lights cost to install. Light Up My Holiday designs lovely Christmas light displays, relieving them of the burden of a time-consuming light job for our clients. What we do for each customer is listed here.

  • We create a unique holiday light package for your home.
  • We set up the lighting and checked that everything is in working order.
  • We take down the light show and store it in a secure location to be ready for the next year.
  • We will maintain the lights, fixing and replacing lights as necessary throughout the holiday season.

Call Light Up My Holiday right away to arrange for your free estimate if you want to enjoy a beautiful display on your property throughout the holidays while saving time and relaxing.

Are you prepared to begin creating your outdoor Christmas display? Make an immediate call to Light Up My Holiday.