Screens look excellent in any garden and may drastically change the feel of the place. You may use them as a backdrop to accent plants or flowers, to conceal a fence or bin area, or just to wall off an area for greater privacy. It’s a simple project that you can complete in a weekend. We’ll teach you how to put them on posts, but they can also be installed on existing rails.  After reading this instruction you can easily install garden outdoor screen.

Tools and materials



Dig the post holes

Measure the width of your screen panels and mark the location of the posts on the ground accordingly. Then, dig your holes deep enough to accommodate a third of your posts, which will aid in the support of your screen’s weight.

Concrete the posts in

Before you begin, be certain that you follow the screen manufacturer’s recommendations and that you are wearing your safety equipment. Insert the posts into the holes, then pour in the concrete and stir in some water. The manufacturer recommends using ready mix concrete instead of fast set concrete for these panels.

Check the levels

Make use of your spirit level to ensure that the posts are straight. Also, make sure the posts are the same height from top to bottom. Also, make sure they’re the right distance apart.

Backfill the holes

Fill the holes with earth when the concrete has hardened.

Attach the brackets to the screen

Hold the brackets against the rear of the screen frame and pre-drill holes on both sides of the frame. The brackets should then be screwed on. Repeat for the remaining three brackets. Two should be on either side of the panel.

Attach the screen panel to the posts

Now, pre-drill holes in the posts’ interiors and screw the panel to them. The brackets are attached to the back of the screen, two on each side, to keep the panel securely in place. The front of the screens will be flush with the front of the posts as a result of this.

Install more screen panels

If you wish to add more screens, simply repeat Steps 1-4 and attach the screens in the same manner as in Steps 5-6.