Accidents can occur at any job place. However, working on a construction site presents heightened risk. Site managers and employees must recognize this to ensure safety for everyone who moves around the site.


There are number of different factors that can cause or contribute to a nasty incident at a designated area of construction, and with several thousands of injuries each year, effort is still needed to provide as safe an environment as possible for all concerned.


Contractors and others in control of construction sites must first ensure as much as possible has been done to minimise the chance of slipping or tripping in the work place. préparer votre chantier Factors including uneven surfaces, dangerous obstacles, trailing cables, wet or slippery surfaces and changes in level have all been known to cause serious injuries, many of which have resulted in an accident claim payout.


Working in construction often means having to operate at great heights, meaning the risk of serious injury is heightened too. One way to prevent such incidents occurring on platforms such as a scaffold, for example, is by introducing a tower structure. Tower scaffolds should only be constructed by competent and trained people. They shouldn’t be used as support for ladders, trestles or other access equipment in strong winds. Incidents that occur on tower scaffolds are mainly caused by dangerous methods of erection or dismantling where a safe system is not being followed, defects in the erected scaffold or misuse of the scaffold, which can include a person falling from the tower whilst it is being moved.


Another very important aspect of ensuring maximum safety on construction sites is traffic management. Traffic management is another important aspect of ensuring safety on construction sites. Each year, 7 workers are killed in accidents involving vehicles and mobile plants, while 93 others are seriously injured. Tragic incidents can be avoided by effective management of transport operations throughout the construction process, whilst workers are also expected to be as alert as possible throughout their employment. The key issues to address are keeping pedestrians and vehicles apart, minimizing the movement of transport, poor vision, and a wealth signs and instructions. Plan appartement moderne


These are just some of the topics construction managers and employees need to address whilst working on site. Although large payouts are possible to compensate victims of accidents, the amount will vary depending on the severity. However, it is often not enough to provide comfort for those who have been in an accident that has a lasting impact on their lives.