CPAP machine
CPAP machine

Officially unveiled by ResMed is the new AirSense 11 CPAP. Thank goodness for CPAP. This way, we were allowed to participate in AirSense 11’s limited early release. This has given us the opportunity to learn from the input and experience of hundreds of users of this innovative CPAP. While many of these consumers are long-time users who have upgraded, others were first-time users. Reviews have been excellent thus far, and we anticipate more positive comments. This new CPAP is significantly smaller than the older model, giving you a little more space on the nightstand. It includes a fantastic new touchscreen and a lot more contemporary style.

Updates To The Airsense 11 CPAP Include:

ResMed faced a challenge as they were creating the AirSense 11. One of the most adored CPAP devices ever is the AirSense 10. So how can anything be improved without eliminating all that was great about the original? ResMed, though, figured it out. The AirSense 11 features a number of noticeable improvements in addition to some lovely similarities to what we adored about the AirSense 10. The front-facing screen, which is quite popular, the built-in humidifier system, and the ease of use were all retained by ResMed.

Upgrades to AirSense 11 CPAP Machine : 

A full-color touchscreen makes it simple to explore the patient-level menu. Today, almost all devices must have a touchscreen. When they can’t use a touchscreen to navigate a menu, my kids don’t even comprehend what is happening.

The AirSense 11’s over-the-air interface not only makes it simple to transmit compliance and therapy data but also enables wireless software updates.

Approximately 25% less space is taken up on the nightstand by the Air11 compared to the previous model. It follows that you have more room for all the other items you keep on your nightstand. Additionally, the lower footprint makes a travel bag possible. saving you space and work when you travel.

Setup Instructions For The AirSense 11 CPAP Machine:

  1. Set the AirSense 11 down on a solid, flat surface.
  2. Plug the device’s power cord into the outlet at the back. Connect the power cord’s other end to a power outlet and the other end to the AC adaptor. Make sure the device is configured and powered in order to enable the application of settings wirelessly to the device, if necessary.
  3. Firmly attach the air tubing to the outlet connector on the device’s back.
  4. The humidifier tub should be opened and filled with water.
  • Before adding water, the humidifier tub needs to be taken out of the apparatus.
  • Use drinking-grade water if utilizing the HumidAir 11 Cleanable water tub (potable).
  • The water tub should be filled all the way to the top. The humidifier tub can hold up to 380 mL at a time.
  1. Insert the humidifier tub into the side of the device while it is closed.
  2. Firmly attach the air tubing’s free end to the constructed mask.