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Switching to solar sunshine coast is a big step, but it’s worth the investment. Who wouldn’t want a lifetime of sustainable energy? Many people know the importance of renewable energy, and solar system installment rates continue to rise. If you’re considering adding a solar panel system to your home/business, here are some questions to ask before getting started. 

Can Your Roof Support Solar Panels?

If your roof needs repair or replacement within the next few years, it’s best to fix it before moving forward. You won’t have to pay the extra costs to dismantle a system and then reinstall it. Your roof must be strong enough that you can easily accommodate solar panels. Hiring a solar specialist to evaluate your roof will help you determine if it needs reinforcing with more support beams or additional materials. 

Is Your Roof The Right Shape And Type?

While a standard-shaped gable roof works well with solar power, the shape and orientation may impact how much sunlight that panel installation can gather. Therefore, you need to look at several details during your site visit, like materials, pitch, and pitch orientation. Your team should have a plan of action ready before they begin installing solar panels on top of your home!

When it comes to composition, some roof materials are better than others at supporting solar panels:

  • Metal (standing seam, tin, and ridged) is the easiest material to install solar panels since it doesn’t require roof penetration. 
  • Composition shingles are also very simple for solar installation since they’re durable.
  • Tile roof surfaces can be composed of materials, including clay and concrete. Clay tiles are weaker and prone to damage, so concrete tiles are better suited to withstand the elements.

How Efficient is Your Home? How Much Energy Do You Use?

Suppose you have an older HVAC, insufficient insulation, or windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed. It may be best to save up for a few months to afford to make energy efficiency improvements to your home before getting solar panels. Then, you can buy fewer panels with less wattage and save money from the start of your project by reducing your energy usage first.

Additional cost factors to consider include-

  •  How much energy you consume: The more electricity you currently use, the greater the savings and payback from a solar installation.
  • Do you have plans that will increase or decrease your electricity usage in the future? These include installing a pool, purchasing an electric vehicle, and adding to your family.
  • Does your energy usage vary monthly: Electricity usage will vary throughout the year. It usually peaks during the summer months from air conditioning loads or in the winter to stay warm. 

Talk with your solar contractor about designing a solar panel system that works best to accommodate your energy needs throughout the year. Factors such as your home’s efficiency, energy usage, and utility net metering policies can surprisingly impact your ability to maximize the overall amount you will save. 

How Long Will The Solar Panels Last?

Installing solar panels is a significant investment for most people. You want to be sure these panels and equipment have been performance-tested over multiple years and are guaranteed by the manufacturer to offer high-quality products that have been tested thoroughly. It’s always beneficial to reach out to your specific installer for their track record and product certifications they may have in place during the beginning stages of our solar installation process.

Have More Questions About Solar Panel Installation?

We know it’s important to work with a company you can trust, or it’s critical to find the best solar installers. We’ve provided thousands of homes/businesses with solar panel installations and want you to be our next happy customer. 

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