Choosing a swimming pool is not a trivial matter: there are many aspects to consider (budget available, space available, type of land, etc.), but the final goal is always the same, to have a corner of relaxation and refreshment for the family and why not a touch of design to the garden. You can choose Pool company san diego to install the pool.

1. Underground pools in reinforced concrete
Reinforced concrete construction requires high precision in the construction phase, particularly if you build an infinity pool, which is why relying on highly specialized companies is advisable.

  • Possible coating 

Reinforced concrete swimming pools can be finished with all existing coatings from the reinforced PVC membrane, to tiles, to mosaics, to natural stone, to resins or paints. Here the choice depends exclusively on aesthetic tastes and the available budget.

  • Personalization

Reinforced concrete offers almost total freedom of customization in terms of shapes and sizes. The project’s complexity will increase costs and require an even more detailed professional study to obtain a quality realization.

2. Swimming pools in steel panels
The structure of the pools in steel panels foresees the preparation of a concrete slab about 15 centimetres thick, which can be flat or with an inclined center, depending on the pool to be built. The modular steel panels that make up the structure’s walls are then mounted on this base. These are usually panels of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

  • Possible coatings

Panel pools can only be coated with the reinforced PVC membrane, which in any case offers a good range of colours and effects to choose from and is the most used solution in general also because it is easily replaceable in case of damage.

  • Personalization

Initially, the pools in steel panels were mainly square, but today it is possible to easily create free forms by folding the panels to obtain various curves. The depth is also adjustable through the concrete slab, which can have a concave shape for the so-called “diving hole.”

3. Swimming pools in disposable polystyrene formworks
Disposable polystyrene formwork pools are an alternative solution to cast-in-situ reinforced concrete. They offer some significant advantages: they are faster to build, cheaper, and offer excellent thermal insulation. These are empty blocks of polystyrene that are placed on top of the other and inside which the metal mesh is inserted to reinforce the concrete.

  • Possible coatings

Theoretically, all coatings can be applied to these pools, even mosaics, but, to avoid problems, Pool construction companies recommend using a normal PVC membrane.

  • Personalization

Rounded shapes can be created, but the choice of radii is limited compared to concrete or steel panels.

4. Monoblock fiberglass swimming pools
Fiberglass pools are usually one-piece or two-block structures. Similar tanks can also be made of polypropylene. This is quite an interesting choice for your swimming pool as it allows you to choose from various very particular structure shapes and is quick to install.

  • Personalization

Many shapes are available, but the limit is not the imagination but what the market offers.

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