In today’s time, leadership and expertise in the domain are a few of the important skills that act as an entry point for landing a job in a prestigious company. In order to develop these skills, one needs to have a post-graduation degree or follow professional certification for achieving the results in one’s favour.

As organizations dealing in data and information technology are embracing digitalization in their business, the need to match the pace with current trends and competition has become mandatory. To match these levels of modern business requirements, people often choose to go for an MBA or executive MBA in Data Science in India and overseas.

But the question remains the same, is an executive MBA in data science equivalent to MBA when looking to make a career in the field of Data Scientist, Strategic Management, Business Analyst, etc. Let’s go through the article to understand the difference between both types of post-graduation programs.

What is the Difference Between Executive MBA and MBA in Data Science?

Currently, there are ample Executive MBA and MBA options offered by the recognized institutions in India.

Due to lack of information, people consider executive MBA as an integrated course of MBA, whereas this holds truth to nowhere. However, both courses stand in the same position but are designed for different needs and suitability. In other words, we can say that both courses serve different purposes for different people.

When we exclusively consider the MBA and executive MBA in data science, the difference between both courses can be explained as-

Point of Difference Executive MBA MBA
Preferred Eligibility of Candidate 10-15 years of work experience. 2-4 years of work experience.

Course of Education Part-Time education. Full-Time education.
Fees and ROI Fees are incurred as ROI as it is settled with salary earned in the duration. 4 lakh- 21 lakh and above.
Average age of Candidates Pursuing Course 28 years 38 years
Intrinsic Perks from Course Networking and lifestyle development. Immersive student experience with campus life, seminars, conferences, etc.
Development of Skills New skills are added to existing professional knowledge. Skills development from scratch, as it is the starting point in the career.

Is Pursuing Executive MBA in Data Science in India Worth?

By now, we already know that executive MBA and regular MBA hold certain points of difference that make degrees distinct from each other.

In the case where one is aiming to pursue a job in fields related to data science then the person can choose any of these courses as a way to add value to his/her education and skills development.

Let’s understand the criteria that proofs the idea of having an executive MBA in a particular course is worth of attempts-

● A Chance to Emerge as Digital Leader

Witnessing the current trends of technology, it is easy to estimate that using technology is something that has the potential to make business risk-proof. In this situation, the professionals that are in their late 30s or early 40s seek additional knowledge and skills to firm their position in the business world, especially when they belong to or want to work in the field of data science. Hence, acquiring the executive MBA in data science in India bolsters them to emerge as Digital Leaders, which is best for them in all forms.

● Anytime, Anywhere Education and Upskilling Opportunity

Executive MBA gives professionals a chance to continue their education at any point in time while working as a professional in their respective fields. Therefore, if one is willing to advance their professional growth, going for an executive MBA is best of all, as it offers the chance to learn anytime and from anywhere, in the convenience of their other professional commitments.

● Real-Form of Exams Instead of Traditional Exams

While pursuing the executive MBA, the professionals usually face real-form exams instead of traditional exams as the course of executive MBA is exclusively designed to solve real-world problems. In this professional education course, the traditional exams are replaced with skill hackathons and skill lab tests that consist of segments from digital marketing, cloud labs, communication labs, etc.

● Global Acceptance of Executive MBA in Data Science in India

The degree and certification of executive MBA are globally accepted similar to regular MBA courses in data science and other specializations, which makes it a suitable option for professionals to pursue further studies and land better career choices.


At last, we can conclude that both executive MBA and MBA hold similar value to each other. The reason to opt for one of the following courses primarily depends on one’s circumstances and priority to learn skills. The executive MBA is especially for professionals who already hold certain years of experience in the domain and just pursuing the course to get additional benefits to become market-fit, whereas an MBA is for those who are just beginning a career in a particular field and may need several skills at a time.