Hobbies are a great way to relax on the weekends or after work while working up a sweat and getting some activity into your day, while also improving your mood and gaming a highly sensitive nervous system. Of course, not all hobbies require you to get your heart rate up. However, if you love sports, being active, or learning to save lives, a hobby that requires you to get up and move might be more fun than learning a new skill like painting. Looking for a new hobby to try? Check out these sports. 

  1. Golf

Playing golf is an activity many people view as self-care because it allows them to get out into nature and focus on the simple task of getting a ball into a hole. While golf can quickly become competitive when playing with friends and family, it can also be a relaxing activity when you’re alone, and you don’t have to worry about being too athletic for this popular sport and pastime. If you’re someone who gets competitive about golf, you can get a golf simulator at home and practice your swing before playing with your friends. 

  1. Disc Golf

Do you enjoy relaxing activities like playing golf or throwing a frisbee for your dog? You can take two of the most relaxing outdoor activities and combine them into one by learning about disc golf. Disc golf is a relatively inexpensive sport that’s becoming more popular every year. Ultimately, you play it a lot, as you would golf. However, there are baskets you throw a disk into instead of using balls and clubs. 


Disc golf isn’t a new sport, and professional disc golfers and tournaments have existed for decades. However, it is rapidly gaining popularity. As players progress down the fairway with their disks, they have to throw from the spot where the previous disc landed. You can play disc golf with as many people as you want or all by yourself. Depending on where you live, you’ll have access to different courses, some open landscaping and others in the woods. 

Because disc golf is a lot like golf, you can expect tons of walking even though you won’t be running around like you would in other types of sports

  1. Biribol

Biribol is volleyball played in the water, so you’ll need access to a pool to play it, but it’s a great summer sport that allows you to cool off while you spend time outside. Luckily, even though you play biribol in water, you don’t have to know how to swim to play it since it’s typically played in shallow water. Biribol has its own type of ball that’s similar to a volleyball but heavier and harder to improve grip in the water. However, the rules to biribol are similar to volleyball, and if you don’t have a birbiol lying around, you can always use a volleyball. 

  1. Baton Twirling

Baton twirling is a great sport for anyone fidgeting with pens at their desk during working hours. However, baton twirling requires slightly more coordination as it incorporates dance. You can find baton twirling classes at some local community centers or try to teach yourself how to twirl a baton by watching videos online.

  1. Squash

If you have at least one friend to go with you, you can try squash, a sport where you hit a small ball off a wall with a racket without letting it bounce off the floor too many times. Squash is an incredibly high-intensity sport because you’re in a small, confined room that requires you to chase a tiny ball to hit it with a racket. 


Unfortunately, squash is hard to replicate outside of a squash court, especially because it can be dangerous to let a ball fly around at high speeds. However, most sports centers have squash courts available for friends, so if you have a membership, check with your gym to see if they have any courts you can use.

  1. Biking

Riding a bike is typically considered a leisurely activity because it doesn’t take much effort, and many people consider it fun. However, road biking is a sport in which you cycle on the road for long distances. Of course, biking on the road means there is some risk involved since you’ll need to respect drivers and hope they’re also respecting your space. However, road biking isn’t just a great way to burn calories; it can help you actually get to places like work, your favorite coffee shop, or simply around town. Bikes can be expensive, so check and see if your local bike store is offering any discounts or a slightly used bicycle you can purchase. 

  1. Swimming

Most people associate swimming with summer, but you can swim at your local community center or the gym any time of year. Swimming has tons of health benefits, including the fact that it’s a zero-impact sport that allows you to burn calories and burn muscle without putting pressure on your joints and bones. If you’re not a good swimmer or you’ve never learned to swim, you can start taking adult classes to learn techniques that will keep you safe in the water before you start swimming laps. 


While you can swim anywhere, swimming in a pool is safest, especially if you’re not a strong swimmer. 

  1. Darts

Looking for a sport that won’t rob you of too much energy? Try darts. Darts is a popular bar game, but it can be a competitive sport when you’re playing in your basement or living room with your buddies. The best part about darts is that anyone at any fitness level can play the game without worrying about straining themselves. Nobody has to be athletic to play darts, but simply standing up and focusing on your target is a great way to burn extra calories while socializing with your friends and family. 


Playing darts is an inexpensive hobby, and it’s so cheap you don’t have to go to a bar to do it. Instead, you can set up a dart board at home by visiting your local hobby shop or sporting goods store and buying a kit, then mounting the dartboard on your wall. 

Final Thoughts

Having a hobby is a great way to stay in shape and relax for a healthier, happier life. So whether you choose a sport that requires running, jumping, or throwing, consider your fitness level and preferences. Remember, you don’t have to choose just one sport either; you can enjoy all the sports on this list!

Ashley Nielsen

Ashley Nielsen earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration Marketing at Point Loma Nazarene University. She is a contributing writer at 365businesstips.com where she shares knowledge about general business, marketing, lifestyle, or financial tips. During her free time she enjoys being outside, staying active, reading a book, or diving deep into her favorite music.