It is a fact that location is a critical factor, in the success or failure of a business. The location allows a company to be found easily by its potential clients. In other words, even a small business startup can expect to achieve solid, stable revenues, if it chooses a place with people, whom it can turn into clients. Nevertheless, for many businesses in the Philippines, there is a unique appeal for buying a Makati office for sale. Makati real estate has to offer a host of great choices both for startups and established businesses.

Makati Attracts Majority Of Investments

Makati is the financial focal point of the Philippines, where the majority of investments are made other than elsewhere in the country. It is similarly thought to have the best environment for small companies, to set up and try to expand.

That being said, there is always the risk of failure for enterprises that don’t make the cut in the city. No matter the risks, Makati real estate remains at a premium since space here is limited, and demand for it is high.

Makati office for sale
Makati office for sale

Makati Is Always Developing & Upgrading

One of the reasons people seek office for sale in Makati is availability. The city is always going through new development projects and upgrades on infrastructure. Contact centers and outsourcing companies setting up shop in the city means, a drastic rise in office space availability. This means finding an office space available for sale is easy here. However, if the building is closer to the primary business centers it is potentially expensive.

Potential For Including In Special Economic Zones

Office space in Makati is also more inclined to, be included in, special economic zones. This leads to more incentives for investors, if the business meets, the requirements and is, located in the eligible areas of the city. This would mean a break in income tax including non-fiscal incentives; so, making day-to-day operations a simpler and less costly endeavor, for a startup business.

Profitable To Be Located Near Main Business Center

One major handicap related to office space in Makati is the price. Prime real estate here is expensive, and small businesses looking for an office in the city, perhaps may not afford to buy space in the prime areas. A small operation will possibly get by with locations that aren’t exactly in the main districts, for instance, along Ayala Avenue. However, straying too far away from the main business sectors means losing up on prospective customer base.

For a business taking up a small area, the cost of space could be manageable in the best locations; based on the quality of the building and the business’s operating expenses.

The Summary

A good location and a solid customer base, enable a business to survive for the first few years. Having said that, any business that manages to buy an office in Makati has the potential to grow quite rapidly. Summing up, both a small company and an established organization should consider buying office space in Makati; and expect success in their business ventures.