The completion of high school is a significant event for homeschooling families. There must be a public statement made in light of this considerable achievement. Finding the right approach to commemorate your child’s accomplishment without sounding trite or overly sentimental is difficult. Because of this, here are compiled a four-step tutorial to assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind and reasonably priced Folded Graduation Announcements for your Homeschool Graduation Announcement.

  • Planning first!

Different items might be used to announce a homeschooled grad. How about picking out the form of declaration you want to make? Do you want a photo card or an envelope? What paper do you plan on using? Is lettering or decoration designed? Many choices must be taken before you can move forward. Make a list of everything you can think of, and then evaluate it in light of your resources and requirements. The second step is to determine the ideal font for the announcement and test several font sizes on scrap paper. Third, make a rough draught of your design and note how much room you’ll need for various elements like text and images.

  • Pick a subject and materials

It would help if you started by selecting a topic for your Homeschool Graduation Announcement. You may choose a topic that relates to your homeschooling curriculum, like animals or the environment, or you could go for something more whimsical, like superheroes or unicorns. Select the materials and layout that complement your chosen theme. In place of cardboard and sequins, use felt and paper clips to create animal-themed decorations.

  • Figure out the specifics

Folded Graduation Announcementsof a student’s graduation are a fantastic way to honor them and their achievements. The great thing about these notices is that you may make any changes you like to them. To that end, you may want to mention such details as the graduate’s preferred Bible scripture or character, such as Noah. You should note their selected team if they are avid football fans. You can also utilize pictures of praying hands, crosses, and so on that you discover on the internet. The graduation announcement you create for your child can take numerous forms.

  • The presentation is everything!

The purpose of a Graduation Announcement is to let others know that your homeschooled child has graduated. You should include the graduation date, location, and other relevant details in the notice. There are countless unique approaches you can take when designing your announcement. A photo of your child could be printed on the front and back of a card with all the necessary information published on the inside. Or, you’d like to utilize a vintage book or scrapbook as a backdrop, so you’ll need to leave enough room for your kid’s picture. In addition to verbal invitations, you could send out postcards advertising the event and featuring images or illustrations of each homeschool class member.


And the best part about homeschooling? It continues even after the kids finish high school. You can tailor the assignment to each student’s needs. Make arrangements for a Homeschool Graduation Announcement that will be memorable for both the graduate and the family.