From the above title, a question raises in our mind does NordVPN can work with Netflix? Here we will know the answers to your question. So, of-course NordVPN is hands down one of the best VPNs for streaming access in general. There is no doubt that NordVPN is one of the best VPN in the market, especially in 2021. This VPN is launched by Nord Security a company that develops cyber security software. The latest version of the NordVPN is which was last updated on 23 March 2021. This VPN helps to browse the internet safely without any geo-restrictions. NordVPN allows you to access your data without being tracked. Now let’s see if this VPN works with Netflix and If yes then how we can connect through it? Read below to know all the queries:

Does NordVPN works with Netflix?

Yes, NordVPN works well with Netflix it can stream more than 10 Netflix of various regions. It helps you to watch movie or Tv show that’s not available in your country by letting you spoof your location and unblock content from another country. NordVPN can work with Netflix and you can access to all the geo-restricted contents.

NordVPN is one of those VPNs which works well with Netflix. Content platform is all set to find those varied ways by which the VPN users can be blocked. Here are some workarounds to help you if your VPN isn’t working with Netflix, they will help you to bypass the Netflix proxy error and stream geo-blocked content.

First of all, use a VPN that will allow you to access Netflix most of the VPNs no longer work with Netflix including NordVPN at that time the only way left is that you have to get another VPN that streams Netflix.

The second thing you can do is try connecting to a different server the Netflix ban works by identifying IP addresses that belong to a VPN server and blacklisting them but NordVPN overcome this and it operates the largest network server that is extremely difficult to block.

The third way is that contact NordVPN’ s Customer Support Team if all else fails NordVPN live chat service is one of the best that is available 24/7.

Is NordVPN good for Netflix?

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs mainly known for its streaming on Netflix. It has passed the bespoke VPN testing process and confirms it’s still one of the best Netflix for using VPN. Along with this, You can also use NordVPN for low ping VPN for PUBG, it will work excellent.

NordVPN streaming strengths and weakness:


  • Unblocks an impressive 11 Netflix regions.
  • US Netflix can be streamed by using local servers.
  • Great for streaming on your Tv.
  • An integrated smart DNS is used.
  • Has extremely fast connection speeds.
  • Uses excellent security features.


  • Does not block more Netflix libraries.
  • Sometimes failed to work with US Netflix as other VPNs do.

How to watch Netflix with NordVPN:

To get started with NordVPN you have to get its subscription first for that you have to select a plan which you want to select whether monthly or yearly once then select the plan by clicking on “continue to payment” then you have to enter your email address and then select a payment method which is feasible to you. After that, you need to install the NordVPN app for your device.

Once the NordVPN has been installed, then you can launch it and sign in. These steps will help you to know that NordVPN can work with Netflix. You can use NordVPN coupon code to get the VPN at an affordable price.

Here are the steps to watch Netflix with NordVPN:

  • First, you have to Sign up and for NordVPN.
  • After signing up download the NordVPN app for your device.
  • Then you must choose a server in the country of the Netflix library you want to access.
  • After connecting to the server, you can watch Netflix.
  • If you are getting a problem with NordVPN working with Netflix, try a different server from the library.

As we know, Netflix is hard to crack. Because it consists of the expertise VPN detectors in the world and most VPN services get booted away immediately. If we go through the NordVPN review, then it will be visible to us that it is one of the best VPN for accessing Netflix.

In 59 countries NordVPN has more than 5000 servers which clearly shows that it can easily access Netflix of any country you want.

NordVPN not working with Netflix?

Yes, this can happen. Then a question raises how to fix it?

There are several ways to fix this problem. You can select one of the given methods to resolve this issue:

  • Switch the server: It is the most commonly used method. Server with fewer users improve the speed and the performance of the service and reduce the risk of detection. NordVPN uses a smart algorithm that helps to suggest the best VPN servers automatically based upon your location and requirements.
  • Clear the cache of your browser to improve your website’s loading speed: Netflix can determine your location to avoid this, clear your browser cache and cookies before connecting to the Netflix server. You can easily clear the cache from the browser by simply clicking on ‘Clear browsing data. It will speed up your website’s loading  process.
  • Stop WebRTC Leaks: WebRTC leaks occur in the browser sometimes that may leak your Original IP address. But you can easily stop this by simply installing the WebRTC Network Limiter.
  • Contact customer support: If you are tired of every method and still your issue is not resolving then you can contact customer support via live chat or email. You can go to the official website of the NordVPN provider where a chat button is available from there a chatbot redirects you to the live manager.


With a NordVPN you can watch Netflix shows movies from different countries and libraries. It means that you can access your favourite shows whenever you want. If you are in a country where Netflix is banned completely then this VPN will help you to bypass the restrictions. The only problem with Netflix is that it does not allow all VPN to get in. But for NordVPN it is a Walk in the park because it is capable of gaining access easily and has tons of servers from which you can choose so it will be a great choice for you to work with NordVPN to unblock Netflix. NordVPN always provides you with the best customer support team whenever needed. We are hoping that now you understood how NordVPN can work with Netflix.