The purpose of the Apostille services is to simplify the process of legalizing documents, also known as an apostille certificate or apostille stamp.

Most people will encounter this requirement when they want to use their United States-issued documents in Oman. You will need the Apostille of Oman certificate if an organization in Oman has asked you to legalize documents issued by the United States as proof of authenticity. There is a reciprocal agreement between the countries that have signed Convention 12 of the Hague Convention, including the United States and Oman, which provides that the Member States shall accept apostilled documents in one of the other Member States.

Once you have confirmed your Oman Apostille requirements, it is wise to hire reputable service providers, such as USLegalization, to do the work for you. This saves time and money and the use of a person who is familiar with all the procedures involved ensures that his apostille is completed in a timely and uncomplicated manner.

The Apostille stamp is placed on the back of a document that is permanently affixed to the document provided. It is then recognized as authentic in each of the countries of the Hague Convention, such as Oman. Since it is glued and stamped with the US Department of State Apostille stamp.

The certificate contains the following information: Country of origin Name of the signatory on the document If the document was sealed/stamped instead of signed, the authority details Place of certification Date of certification Issuing authorities Details Certificate number Seal of issuing authority Authorities Signature of authority.