Omron Industrial Automation is a well-known manufacturer of automotive electronics, healthcare items, electronic components, public transportation equipment, and equipment. Omron provides a wide range of advanced automation devices to a variety of global sectors to create products that are secure, dependable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly. PLCs, inverter drives, motion control, sensors and vision, safety, and control products are all part of the Omron product line.

The success of Omron is based on the culmination of providing a diverse product range coupled with effective production capabilities and innovations to integrate solutions for customers. Omron continuously strives to produce high-performance components, high precision, and electronic parts and devices for greater usability in contemporary advanced industrial facilities. With integrated packages of products, technologies, and solutions from Omron Industrial Automation, you can get a whole variety of advanced devices, from sensors to PLC, drives, and HMI systems, that are simple to use and seamlessly communicate. Omron distributor in Oman is highly renowned.

Omron industrial controls system

Through Counters, Timers, Cam Positioners, Digital Temperature Controllers, programmable relays, and other input, control, and output components, Control Components offer the best control at the manufacturing site.

Counters – All measuring process requirements can be satisfied using counters. The Omron counter line comprises versions for timing, pre-set counting, total counting, and precise cam placement.

Timers – Timer types include digital, mechanical, electronic, and standard timers. To meet the needs of end users, a wide range of housing options and mounting techniques are offered for all Omron timers. Relay, contact, or transistor outputs are available on Omron timers, which also have a timer range of 0.001 seconds to 9999 hours.

Cam Positioners – Cam Positioners use absolute encoders to detect rotational angles and produce signals by the predetermined ON and OFF angles.

Digital Temperature Controllers – Simple temperature applications up to sophisticated controllers with customisable profiles and communications can use temperature control units. These Omron temperature controllers come with several control modes and adjustable input ranges.

Programmable relay – The ZEN is a small-sized programmable relay for adaptable scale automation. Programming programmable relays made by Omron is simple. Relays from Omron come with CPUs that are fixed at 10 or 20 I/O, extensible up to 44 I/O, and include communication. Relays made by Omron are available with output voltages ranging from 12 to 24 VDC, and some models also have analog input and an 8-digit high-speed clock.