Take leverage of the Ongoing Market Trends because only then you’ll know what people are Demanding from Smart Entrepreneurs. Today, the Market is in need of Super Apps like Gojek Clone In Vietnam. It offers a multitude of Services within One App! This App is an excellent example of Intelligence combined with Technology’s Latest Bestowing!  

Talking about the most recent offerings, KINGX 2022 is what the On-Demand Industry needs right now! It is a Digital Platform that lets its Users Book Taxi from iWatch, allows Restaurant Owners to add Multiple Topping Options to every Food on their Menu. The App also allows the App Owner to allocate Special Promo Codes to Stores, including a number of Covid-19 Safety Features, so on and so forth. 

Now, contemplate this – “An App Loaded with Advanced-Engineered Features will Rule the On-Demand Industry in 2022 and beyond!”


With KINGX 2022 installed on their Phones, no App User will ever have to search for another App to Book a Taxi Ride, Order Food, Medicine, Groceries, etc. Deliver Parcels, or even hire a Beautician, Masseuse, Car Washer, and more! 

Neither do the App Users have to visit anywhere to consult a Doctor, Fitness Coach, Lawyer, etc. Because now, Online Video Consultation Feature is available on this Ultra-Modern App! KINGX 2022 also includes another Exceptional Feature of Service Bidding with Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Home Cleaners, etc. So, say goodbye to talking with a hundred different Providers for Quotations or calling up your close ones for Handymen Suggestions! 


Facebook/Google Ads Integration 

This is a newly integrated feature that allows the App Owner to magnify their Revenue. The Owner can add Facebook and Google Ads on the App’s Home Screen. So, whenever an App User clicks on the Ad, the App Owner earns a certain Commission Amount from the 3rd Party Ad Owner!

Driver Reward Feature 

The Gojek Clone  Taxi/Moto Drivers can earn Rewards by providing Good Services to the App Users. Once the Driver achieves a Level/Badge, the Admin sends the Rewards in terms of ‘Money’ via the In-App Wallet or direct Bank Transfer! 

Video Call Service Providers

KINGX 2022 has a list of Freshly Introduced Features out of which, Video Calling with Service Provider is one! The App Users already had the option of Call Masking and In-App Chatting. But now, they can also initiate a Video Call with Taxi Drivers, Delivery Drivers, and other Providers as well! This Feature definitely levels up the Game of offering an Ultimate Personalized User Experience!  

Manage Multiple Credit Cards on the App 

Gojek Clone In Vietnam 2022 App Users can now add or remove Multiple Credit Cards in the option of ‘Pay online with Credit Card’! So, even if they are out of the limit on One of their Bank Cards, the User can Add and Save another Credit Card’s Details and Pay with it. The Card Details will remain saved in your KINGX 2022 Account until you manually delete it! 


Get a completely White-Labeled App so that you don’t have to sit around for Years to Build the App from Ground Up and Launch it. Get your hands on the World’s Biggest App – KINGX 2022! It is a Gojek Clone In Vietnam, but way Gigantic and Prodigious! 

Go Live with your App in record 7 – 10 Business Days because that’s all the Time White-Labeling Experts need to Rebrand and Customize the Base App. 

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