PVC or Vinyl is known in short for Polyvinyl Chloride. This material is versatile and economical, used in different types of applications. It finds great use in health care, construction and building, automobile, electronics and other sectors. It is also used in products like tubing and blood bags, siding and piping, windshield system components, cable and wire insulation, etc.

Benefits And Uses

Vinyl is termed to be a versatile material as well as rigid to form industrial pipes. It can be flexible and thin as wall covering or pliable like a plastic wrap. It is possible to match this material with any desired colour or be completely clear. Getting to know its uses and benefits will be essential to put it to good use.

Construction And Building

Vinyl of approximately three-quarters is used for construction and building applications as it offers durable results. Vinyl/PVC is quite effective to safeguard the environment concerning resource and energy conservation. It also ensures reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Discussing with the leading pvc film manufacturers in india can help you to choose something that will be just perfect for your business.

Ideal Material

Being resistant towards abrasion and moisture and strong, vinyl is found to be an ideal material for windows, cladding, fencing, roofing, decking, flooring and wall covering, etc. Unlike certain building materials, vinyl is not known to corrode or require frequent painting. Mild cleaning products can be used for cleaning it.

Windows And Siding

This material when used helps produce window and siding frames considered to conserve energy, durable and affordable. This is more so concerning cooling and heating of homes. Vinyl homes are found to have three times heating insulation when compared with aluminium windows. Hence, they do make excellent selection for homes that desire to save precious energy.

Cables And Wiring

This material is tough enough to withstand extreme conditions just behind the building walls. It includes exposure to dampness and changing temperatures for the building’s life. Hence, it is considered to be a trusted and prevalent material that is used generously in electrical cables and wiring. Also it is used for pvc leather car seat.


PVC is flexible, lightweight, dependable and durable. Hence, using it for packaging helps maintain the packed product’s integrity. Even medicines can be neatly packed. Tamper-resistant OTC medications use clear vinyl in its packing. For clamshell and blister packaging, rigid vinyl film gets used with the purpose to protect household goods, personal care products and medicines.

Water Pipes

This material is known to conserve water and energy. This is achieved with the virtual creation of leak-free pipes not being prone to corrosion. Moreover, it can resist well various types of environmental stress. Besides this, breakage rates of PVC are quite low. Build-up lacking in PVC piping helps enhance functionality while improving overall energy efficiency.