Your Mercedes-Benz looks great and runs great. Nothing is stopping you from getting it maintained every six months by your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Even if you’re lucky enough to drive a C300 Elegance in pristine condition, these Maintenance tips for Benz will ensure your vehicle remains safe and in good working order.


  1. Change Your Oil

As time goes by and the miles start to add up, the quality and consistency of your used mercedes benz  engine oil can change, affecting the quality of your engine.


Every six months or so, depending on the climate where you live, give your engine oil a change to your used Mercedes-Benz dealer. The oil is a life-saver for your engine – it provides lubrication for your internal parts and absorbs and filters any damaging impurities. Don’t risk your engine by overindulging your engine oil.


As you change your oil, you should also change the quality of the oil, switching to synthetic oil or quality engine oil. Synthetic oil is designed to reduce engine wear and extends the life of your engine, it costs a little bit more, but you’ll be glad you did. For those who like to drive a bit slower, Mercedes-Benz offers synthetic oil in its E 250 and Atego models.


  1. Change Your Brakes

Another vital part of your vehicle is the brakes, keeping your vehicle under control and allowing it to stop without too much struggle. So, change your brake pads and brake rotors every six months or every 12,000 miles.


Your brakes have brake fluid that lubricates the braking components so the pads and the brake rotors can brake and make a safe stop. The brake fluid can freeze over time or be damaged, causing the brakes to wear out more quickly. It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected regularly by your Mercedes-Benz dealer.


  1. Inspect Your Tyres

To help you prevent expensive car damage, keep an eye out for any tire tread loss. If you start to see some small sections of a tire wearing down, it might be time for new tires. Tread loss indicates uneven wear on the tires, which can lead to a loss of balance in the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to roll off the road. Even though the tire tread loss is small, it can have dangerous consequences.


  1. Inspect Your Bodywork

A quality and well-maintained  used Mercedes-Benz car can appear to be ‘brand new’ even if the vehicle is older, but it’s an often overlooked part of a vehicle’s safety. While you can’t see bodywork, even tiny pockmarks can damage your vehicle.


Give your car bodywork a once over every 12 months and a glance every few months, you can often find some small, minor damage with little more than a glance. At this point, if you do notice something out of the ordinary, take it to your Mercedes-Benz dealer for repair.


  1. Check Your Lights

Your lights are just one small part of your vehicle, but they’re important. They are designed to warn the motorist behind you when it’s safe to switch lanes, they’re installed in a way so that they don’t blind you, and they create a better view for you to see the road.


Keep your Mercedes-Benz dealership or a friend to check and inspect your lights every three months. Some lights can get a little worn down over time. Small pockmarks or cracks can be ignored but, if you see one bigger crack or pockmark, it’s a good idea to take it to your Mercedes-Benz dealer or mechanic.


Regular car maintenance is the best way to make sure your car is reliable and safe for you, your passengers, and other drivers. If you want to ensure your Mercedes-Benz remains in top shape for years to come, have your car inspected regularly by a professional, who’ll also give you all the important information you need about your car and use the Maintenance tips for Benz mentioned to keep your in a great shape.