Renting is a rite of passage for many young people in property rental management New Zealand. It’s exciting to move out of university accommodation or the family home and into your first ‘grown-up’ flat with a group of mates.

The Healthy Homes Standards means renters are entering into homes that are warmer, more insulated, and better maintained than ever before. While it’s reasonable to expect your first flat is a comfortable place to live, we’re noticing an uptick in the number of new tenants that want to rent homes that would be better suited to experienced tenants.

Renting a home you’re not prepared to care for can be disastrous for the tenant and the homeowner.

Being a responsible tenant is about more than just paying rent

We’re seeing an increase in groups of young people renting houses in Auckland who want large premium-style homes. While renting with a larger group of friends might sound like a good idea, being a good tenant is about more than just paying rent on time.

Some of these homes have gardens or grounds that require upkeep. Tenants are responsible for mowing lawns and weeding gardens unless otherwise stated in the tenancy. Many young tenants don’t have any experience caring for larger homes and gardens and renting them could be a risk.

Homeowners often feel more comfortable renting larger homes to older tenants who have experience caring for a home and know how to maintain a garden, lawn or outdoor areas.

You might be a responsible tenant, but are your flatmates and their friends?

It’s not just parties that can cause damage to a rental. Many first-time tenants have no experience with maintenance or outdoor upkeep. Tenants have a responsibility to tell the landlord straight away if something needs fixing. Causing damage to a home could be as simple as forgetting to tell your landlord about a maintenance request.

Even if you are a responsible tenant, being the head tenant puts the responsibility of flatmates and visitors squarely on one person’s shoulders. It would be your responsibility if any one caused damage to the flat.

Landlords are reluctant to rent houses to first-time tenants as they are more of a liability than experienced tenants. This might seem unfair but it’s also bad practice to put tenants in a home they don’t know how to care for.

There’s a lot to learn in the first few years of being a tenant

Everyone has different expectations of what their first few years of renting will be like. Not only do you have to get used to paying rent and bills on time, but many young people are also experiencing true independence for the first time. Get used to being a new tenant before you add in the responsibility of caring for a larger home.

What type of rental should first-time tenants look for?

There are several types of homes that are appropriate for young or first-time renters:

Homes that don’t have gardens or a lot of lawns. A house with a low maintenance garden or a small amount of lawn may be more suitable for first-time tenants. Make sure you have a lawnmower before renting a property with a lawn.

Townhouses with paved outdoor areas. Many townhouses have small, paved courtyards and stone gardens that don’t require much upkeep. Keep the area maintained by sweeping the stones and regularly picking up any leaf litter. Outdoor furniture can make your courtyard a nice place to sit.

Apartments or small units with no outdoor space. Renting an apartment or unit removes the need to care for an outdoor space altogether. Indoor plants are one way to bring the outdoors in, but take care they don’t leak on the carpet.

Questions to ask before renting in Auckland for the first time

As a first-time tenant, manage your expectations by asking yourself the following questions when looking at rentals.

  • Am I prepared to take care of this rental’s indoor and outdoor space?
  • Am I prepared to get the right tools or products to look after this rental?
  • How will I split chores with my flatmates to ensure our rental is maintained?

Choosing the right property manager auckland can make all the difference

With 25 years in the business, we know West Auckland like no-one else does. As property manager auckland, we take care to pair the right tenant with the right home to ensure all parties have a good experience.

If you are looking for an experienced property specialist who understands how to care for your individual property, call us on (09) 832 0832.

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