Scaffolding provides a platform to allow you or your team to work at various heights that might be difficult to reach otherwise. It is typically built when a structures height is greater than 1.5m, or when the job is expected to take place at this height. Scaffolding is the structure upon which workers stand and sit to perform building works beyond their height. Scaffolding is recommended over a number of other means of access, especially when work involves more tools, workers, materials, or equipment, or if the job itself is expected to last longer. Scaffolding is the temporary structure used by workers when they are likely to work at height.

Portable Scaffolding Hire

If you purchase your scaffolding, it is going to stay with you at all times and also you will be able to use them anytime they are needed. A tube-like composition of steel which is rigid and stands up straight over the flat bedplate is called a scaffold, which offers a far safer system for carrying out construction-related tasks, since it ensures that required work is completed in an easy manner.


Aluminium scaffolding hire

When you need to access hard-to-reach places without risking your safety, SkelScaff’s aluminium scaffolding hire is the perfect solution. When working at heights (or difficult areas), our aluminium scaffold towers give you a lightweight, stable, safe and affordable platform. This is suitable for both commercial scaffolding and residential applications for painting, home repairs and roofing. We have many more uses too!

One of the best aspects of aluminium scaffolding is its weight. They’re portable and easy to set up. SkelScaff mobile scaffolding has a wide range of lightweight aluminium scaffolds available, including single width and double width models. Single width models weigh less than double-width models at the same height, coming in at only 150kg.


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Scaffolding hire south coast

Want a scaffolding hire south coast area in Australia? Skelscaff offers a huge range of scaffolding equipment, ladders, towers, mobile scaffold and access solutions. Take advantage of our quality systems to ensure your elevated access needs are met. You’ll find a solution that works perfectly for your project or task–whether it’s working in confined quarters, painting the house or managing a large multi-storey project.

SkelScaff is a scaffolding company that’s highly experienced, reputable and trustworthy. We’re passionate about what we do and take your safety into consideration on all of our projects. Whether you need platform scaffolds or roof top scaffolds, we have all the equipment you’ll need in place to achieve a successful outcome. Request us a call if you have any inquiry regarding our services.