1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the process of marketing through internet. You can offer your services to the customers if you know how to rank websites or how to make sponsored ads for customers. You can join a digital marketing course and determine which fiels you want to specialize in as there are many fields of diagital marketing like SEO and marketing through social media platforms.  For example you can contact kid’s shops and tell them that you can market their products through Facebook or through Google so that you can get from them against this service. You can contact lawyers and promote their websites so that it will be visible for customers who search for the services. If you are good at marketing you can launch your own website and receive calls from customers so that you can do your freelance job based on an agreement between you and the customer so that you can earn much money.

  1. Web design

You can contact companies that do not have a website so that you can convince them that you can make a good website for them against a good sum of money. You can get the phone number of the companies that do not have a website through the directories or through chamber of commerce website.

  1. Translation

Translation is one of the profession that you can do from your home on freelance basis. You can contact top translation companies in your region and offer them your services. You can take any test to prove that that you are efficient and have the required experience to do the translation as some types of translation like legal translation requires a good knowledge of laws and the applicable procedures in legal translation. For example, for driving license translation Abu Dhabi, the customer should have the original license at the time of translation. You can be an expert in drafting and translating memorandum of association.

  1. Content writing

You can write article for companies or websites or blogs on a freelance basis. They will also earn money from you if you write good articles as Adsense will pay for them against the ads.

  1. Programming

You can make software programs that can make work easier for companies. You can contact companies and offer them your ideas to make their easier through your software so that you can agree on your compensation.