Do you belong to that bigger percentage of people who think that only math’s and science students can have a bright career? If yes, you are wrong. Please have a look on following jobs which makes art students most successful in government sector.


One of the most interesting things you can do with arts is becoming a professor of the subject you are master in. For instance, if you have attained a master’s degree in humanities, compete to become a professor in that stream. Similarly, you can have very good chances in the field of economy, sociology, philosophy, psychology and political science etc. if you have good command in teaching.

IAS officer

An IAS officer is one of the highly ranked officers in India. The reputation and salary of IAS officer will definitely attract you to study hard to crack the entrance exam for IAS training. IAS is one of the three main streams to serve the Government of India i.e. Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services and Indian Foreign Services. The work profile of IAS officer involves entire administration of a district, state or department. So, you can opt for this job if you find yourself deserving for administrative work.

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IPS Officer

As mentioned above, Indian Police Officer is one of the three main streams to serve the Government of India. IPS Officers provide leadership to all types of police services in state and central level. They can even serve as the leader of Intelligence services such as IB, CBI and RAW. Also they can work on paramilitary services such as ITBP and BSF. So, if you are interested to serve Indian Police, you can opt for this job. For this, you will need to implement tough efforts on studies and physical fitness because you will have to pass physical fitness exam too apart from written exams.


Many students are there who pursue their degree in political science and find it quite interesting to build a good career. If you possess interest in this field, you can develop yourself for the field of politics. Although, it can take time to be polished and experienced for becoming a successful political leader, but once succeed, you will love your decision to pick this career. You will have to develop your public relationship qualities and public speaking skills for becoming a popular leader. Keep an eye on all the current affairs and be aware of social, economical, financial and administrative matters. Keep your knowledge updated with present and learn the art of winning people. You need not to be highest ranking student in your class for becoming a good political leader but yes, a strong good character and pleasing, well spoken personality catches attention of everyone.

SSC CGL Officer

There is a lot to do in field also. Just think about your standard and financial strength once been selected as an SSC CGL Officer. There are so many vacant posts in this stream which are advertised time to time. Vacancies to become any of the wide range of officers such income tax inspector, assistant audit officer, central excise officer, public finance officer etc. you need to pass written entrance examination to be selected for the training and job

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