Sometimes people are unable to perform even the natural functions, which becomes a tedious task for them. This can happen with people of any age not only the elderly, due to some sickness or disablity it can also happen to the younger people as well. Hence come the life saver – Toilet Aids. There are various toilet aids that one can use.

 However there are various number of such toilet aids that are available nowadays and it can get really difficult to choose the one that suits your needs. Hence, we Allcare Warehouse are here to help guide you with which one you should choose based on your needs and conditions to make the most out of it. These toilet aids help and really make a differnece towards ones everyday life.

Before we delve in further to the needs let us understand what actually toilet aids are and its uses.

What is a toilet aid?

A toilet mobility aid is an instrument which comes in many forms. It is used by elderly people or people with disability who find using a toilet difficult. They are made in such a way that most toilet aids can be added to most home bathrooms easily. Toilet aids are known to help to make lowering down, getting back up again and standing when using a toilet much easier.

 However, there are some toilet aids do require installation and a degree of home renovation. It mostly depends on the product and condition of the person needing assistance. For further assistance renovation is required. Overall, toilet aids help to  give back the feeling of independence to a user by increasing support.

Some Types Of Toilet Aids

1. Disabled Shower Seat

Taking a sghower is one of the most common and normal function for most people. However, thats t=not the case for people with disability. Standing for so long and straight does become an issue add to it the wet floor, it is certainly difficult. Hence, a disabled sgower seat is what they should own. A disabled shower seat comes with some mobility to help them wash themselves easily.

2. Bath Transfer Bench

It does become difficult for people with disability to shower and hence they may prefer using a bathtub. However, coming and getting out of a bath tub is also a big deal. For this a bath transfer bench is used. A bath transfer bench allows the person to be seated in while they can be transferred in and out of the bath tub. Through this they can avoid any type of injury to hip or hamstring.

3. Toilet Chairs For Disabled 

Toilet chairs for diabled are one of the few outsdtanding innovations that help the people who are not able to walk much with their natural functions. Toilet chairs for disabled are sometimes also reffered as commode chairs or autonomy chairs. It is like a mobile toilet that can be placed anywhere. A vessel for waste is attached to the commode and is removable and can be emptied very easily.

There are various types of Toilet aids from which people with disablity or of old age can benefit from. These are made scientifically to provide comfort and assistance.