CNC Machining services
CNC Machining services

The initial CNC machine was developed in 1949. Since then, CNCs have developed quickly, forever altering manufacturing and sectors.

You can choose from various CNC machine types to create whatever you desire, depending on your budget, time, work materials, product shape, and size.


Here Xielifeng will discuss the most common types of CNC Machining services


The function, materials, and underlying technology of CNC machines distinguish them from other types of machinery.


CNC Milling

One of the most well-known CNC machines is mills, which include integrated tools mostly used for drilling and cutting. To route and pathing the spindle in various ways, mills derive and convert specialized programs composed of letters and numbers.

CNC Router

Like a CNC mill, a CNC router is a piece of equipment that is typically used for working with softer materials and is less accurate. CNC routers are considerably less expensive than CNC mills.

Plasma Cutting Machine

In that they can cut materials, CNC plasma cutting machines and CNC milling machines are comparable. However, a milling machine uses an end mill or router bit coupled to a spindle, whereas CNC plasma cutting devices employ a plasma torch to cut through its materials.

CNC Lathe Machine

When using a CNC lathe to create the desired result, the workpiece is spun at high speed and cut with a blade or knife.

For products with cylindrical, conical, or flat geometries, lathes often operate well. Because CNC Mills can operate on any shape, this is a clear distinction between them and Lathes.


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