You might be shocked to learn that car keys are the third-most lost item if you’ve never misplaced one before. Sometimes, you may leave them in the car while out on a quick errand and then remember. Occasionally, after a long day at work, you go home and lose your keys. The next day, you can’t locate them anywhere. Although none of these scenarios are ideal, they happen. Being organized is also essential.


One of the worst things that may happen to the owner of a contemporary vehicle is the loss of their expensive and difficult-to-replace transponder/remote keys. It’s not like before when all you had to do to replace a lost key was simply get a blank key made. These contemporary keys are far more expensive and sophisticated due to their numerous functionalities. The dealer may charge thousands of pesos for modern remote/transponder keys. You can call and seek for key fob replacement in Houston Tx a local business in your area that can fix your key if it has been broken or lost. 


Things you do when you lose your keys


Retrace Your Steps

Before making a decision, the most important thing to do is to properly search every location for the keys. There may be times when you search the bedroom for the keys after losing them in the dining room. Although it seems simple enough, it might be intimidating when you’re in a panic. It’s crucial to recall the last time you recall seeing your keys when retracing your movements. Where were you? What were you doing? What followed, then? You can use this to identify your starting point. Perhaps you left them on the table at the restaurant you just left, or perhaps you left them in your car as you drove home. Before making any unpleasant calls, you must backtrack to give yourself a place to start.


Call Your Insurance

The most important thing to do when you lose your key is to notify the insurance provider in writing of the incident. With a lost key, there is a great likelihood that the vehicle will be taken. There is a potential that the insurance company will deny your claim if the car is later stolen if you don’t notify them of the misplaced key.


The spare key is the key

When your key is missing, spare keys are your rescue. It may be challenging to use the spare keys when you are far from home; in this situation, it is preferable to move the car to a safe area and obtain the spare keys to open the vehicle.


No to an Unauthorized Key

The car manufacturer may revoke your warranty if you use an unauthorized key. Locally made keys may temporarily unlock the lock, however, it is not recommended to use those keys because they can also be used to steal the vehicle. If used improperly, these fake keys could harm your car’s lock as well.


Inform the Police

People frequently disregard the necessity of reporting lost keys to the police and filing an F.I.R. It should be brought to the police’s attention right away, and a First Information report should be filed for it with the location and time of the event. For the purpose of processing any claims connected to vehicle theft, the insurance company should be given a copy of this report.


Call a locksmith

The next step is to call a locksmith to help you get into your automobile if you can’t find them. A locksmith can either open your automobile door without a key or create a new key for you. As you do the following:

  • You may get new car keys made and your locks decoded by calling a locksmith. The automobile will then be programmed to those keys, and the old keys will be deleted from the system.
  • This implies that even while those who own the old keys can still enter the vehicle, they will be unable to start it.
  • A new set of locks and ignition are an alternative (or 2nd hand from breakers). If you store pricey items in your car, you might do this, but it should only be the case for select business vehicles, such as those used by first responders, paramedics, etc.
  • Most of the time, you have to decide whether the expense is worthwhile. When clients lose both keys, the majority of the automobiles I work with are ten years old or older. Changing the locks on certain older cars might cost more than the car is worth.


The following details will be useful to the auto locksmith:

  • Vehicle brand and model
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Individual identification (documentation showing name, photo, and address to help confirm ownership of the vehicle)


Frequently Asked Questions for Lost Car Keys

Can it be tracked?

No, despite the high level of technology in today’s vehicles, most automobile models do not come equipped with an in-built system for tracking missing keys. But you can avoid this by adding aftermarket trackers to your car keys.


Will I have to replace my car locks?

Modern automobiles don’t require you to alter the locks on your car because a car locksmith may be able to either rekey the lost keys or adjust the current locks. The database of your automobile can be configured to remove any lost keys, preventing anyone else from using them. This is done with specialized diagnostic equipment that is plugged into the car.


Is a locksmith the best option?

In terms of cost, yes, hiring a company for key fob replacement in Houston Tx is the cheapest solution for lost car keys. Additionally, they have a fleet of flatbed tow trucks that we may use to transport your vehicle to our facility safely and securely so that they can get you back on the road right soon. They are the ideal support you may call out there if you need a new key or a spare key.


You should constantly take care of your car keys because losing them might bring you unnecessary difficulty and expense. After all, as the famous quote says, “prevention is always better than cure”.