What is Prepaid Recharge?

In simple words, prepaid recharge is a phone service where you pay in advance for the services you need. It may be for a phone or mobile. Before you begin using the service, you must pay a particular amount of money, which is transformed into mobile credit that may be used for:

Making phone calls

Sending Messages & For

The credit available for each of the above usage types is determined by your Prepaid plan and the amount you recharge. The credit will expire after a predetermined period of time, such as 28 days, 56 days, etc., depending on your plan and recharge. After credit is used up or after validity expires, you are required to top-up the credit using online payment portals like Payrup, Paytm, BHIM, etc. Some other names by which prepaid is known are: Go-Phone, Pay As You Go, or Prepay. Subscriber Computing, Inc., an Orange County firm created and run by Arlene Harris from 1986 to 1998, invented the prepaid mobile service.