Electric bicycles have been around for decades but have not been very popular with the American public since they were invented. But recently we have started to become more accustomed to battery powered bicycles, we are now discovering how fun and cost effective riding an electric bicycle can be, mainly because of high gas prices forcing us to find alternative way to save money and be energy efficient. electric scooter malaysia

There are very few high quality and affordable electric bicycles on the market, some are of very good quality with everything someone could possibly want from an electric bike but they are not very cheap, as in the case of the Izip urban cruiser very well known to the minority of people who are familiar with electric bicycles. The urban cruiser is a really nice bike with many great features, it is very well design with great colors. But despite all that this bike has it might still be a little expensive for the average folks. bicycle shop klang

Alternatively, they are cheaper electric bicycle that provide most of the the features of the Izip urban cruiser as for example the XB-310 from Extremescooter, it is a very elegant bike, it has great style , can go beyond 15 mile per hour with Up to 15 – 22 Miles / 24 – 35 km Per Charge and is available in great colors also. If you envision your next electric bicycle to be affordable and of high quality, the Ezip coastline can be a great match for your desire. basikal elektrik malaysia

When shopping for your e-bike, know that they are not the same as regular bicycles, they do not provide the same riding experience and therefore do not cost the same, also always take into consideration the range of the battery.