Using social media applications like Instagram to arrange a fantasy trip is still quite common today. There is a fair possibility that you are a travel blogger or writer if you are reading this. But for a moment, imagine yourself in the shoes of a traveler. Keep in mind how absurdly simple it is to browse Instagram while drinking your morning coffee or actively seek through the hundreds of pages of inspiration available at your fingertips.

Study under the greatest. See what these incredible Instagrammers are doing to come up with fresh ideas for how to tell your followers about all the beautiful locations you visit. Learn to communicate your own travel style. There is a travel Instagram account below that is likely to inspire you and the travel bloggers to follow, whether you are a family, adventurer, or culinary traveler.

Which Travel Bloggers to Follow Around The World

Stratos and Alice

Couples who explore the world give you a unique perspective and enjoy every aspect of their travel. Stratos and Alice travel the globe and try new experiences.  They share every detail of their journey through travel vlogs which are filmed with professional videography. People who wanted to leave their day-to-day life can get inspired by their travel activities. You can also interact with them and get ideas for your journey. These couples are the best travel bloggers to follow.

Dave and Lina

The pride and pleasure of these adventurous Instagram travel influencers is their award-winning blog. One of the most diversified destinations round-ups on our list, they will take you through 100 countries and all seven continents. David and Lina are professional travelers, and now you can travel with them as they ride horses through the Alps, trek the Grand Canyon, and swim with manatees. You’ll probably leave feeling like you participated in these exploits personally since they are also fairly exceptional photographers.

Alyssa Taylor

Mountain peaks, glaciers, and endless lakes make up the face of this gorgeous adventure trip Instagram, which was designed by Alexandra. Adventure travel blogger from Zurich who seldom ever returns home. She may be found instead in deep lakes surrounded by fall foliage, in subarctic glacier villages, and in traditional European locations. Pretty soon, it will be clear why Alexandra is regarded as one of the top Instagram travel influencers. You’ll be fascinated with just one glance at her warm color palette and bucket list activities that she’ll fill your feed with.

Jessica and Garrett Gee

One of the most well-known family Instagram travel influencers is The Bucket List Family, which is situated in Hawaii. They are renowned for offering suggestions for family trips that are kid-friendly. Their Instagram account now has 2.6 million followers because to their vibrant images and positive personalities. Garrett and Jessica Gee made the bold decision to sell everything they had, travel the globe, and experience as many of the experiences and activities on their bucket list as they could in 2015. The renowned and notorious Gee family, sometimes referred to as “The Bucket List Family,” has made a name for itself as one of the most intriguing families in the travel industry.

Eleanor Cleary

A couple from the UK named Ellie and Ravi are enthusiastic about spreading the word about the need for more moral and environmentally friendly travel. In fact, because of their excellent efforts, they were nominated for the Responsible Tourism Awards. Follow the @soultravelblog to have hundreds of stunning locations around Europe and beyond appear in your feed, along with some helpful advice on how to travel more mindfully.


Despite the fact that her account resembles the ultimate Pinterest trip mood board, each image has a narrative. Natasha views herself as an international citizen since she has a degree in international development. In order to have a good influence on the places she visits, she combines what she learnt in school about the significance of socially responsible travel and gender equality into her trip plans. In addition, she is an expert drone user, so if you like seeing the beach from above, you’re in luck.

Laura and Caleb

The world’s most unusual routes are Linda and Caleb’s favorite places to trek, and they are specialists at doing it sustainably. With plenty of ideas available, they want to “inspire you to explore responsibly,” making them among of the best Instagram bloggers in the business. Their map will have you frantically tossing darts at it since it is covered with snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, and open highways. No matter where you are going next, they have even created eco travel ideas and recommendations to assist you in being more sustainable there.