When you are a drum enthusiast, there is nothing more exciting than buying a new drum setup. Although it can be overwhelming when you are starting out to play drumming, with the right guide and learning which kit would be right for you, it would be helpful to achieve your goals fast using the right gears.

While searching for a drum set for sale, you might have come across 3-piece, 4-piece, 5-piece and big setup drum kits. However, the most popular one is the basic five-piece drum kit that enables drummers to play almost every style they want and is also easier to transport. Here is why most people think 5-piece drum sets are ideal for beginners.

All basic pieces for learning the basics

In a basic five-piece drum kit, you can find a kick drum, snare drum, two rack toms and a floor tom. Moreover, you can find an acoustic five-piece drum set for sale in Canada without any cymbals. Using three cymbals would present you with everything to master the drumming basics.

Easier to discover the drummer’s sound

The size of the drums would affect the sound as well as the material. You can always build up your drumming components to broaden your horizon of finding the right sound. A 5-piece drum set for sale can be a great investment for experimenting and practising with more flexibility than a 3 or 4-piece drum kit setup.

The major reason why most people prefer five-piece drum kits is that the limited number of pieces offers you a lot to practice without getting confused with a range of gears. Browse through the latest drumming gears available at Dave’s Drum Shop to buy the right setup and start your drumming journey.