Zakynthos is a sparkling gem among the Ionian Islands. Drop by the Blue Caves and famous Navagio beach, which are only accessible by boat. Then sail north to beautiful Kefalonia, which needs at least two days to truly explore. Up next are welcoming Ithaca (Ithaka) and its satellite islands, and the stunning Lefkada awaits westwards. End your journey in Corfu – dock in unassuming Paxi and Antipaxi for their fantastic beaches and secluded coves.

Zakynthos is worldwide famous for its Navagio, but while enjoying your holidays on your privately chartered yacht, you should not fail to visit the plethora of its exotic beaches with their sugar-fine sand and turquoise waters. Home to the Caretta endangered sea turtle species, the dreamy natural landscape is bound to take your breath away.

In Greek mythology the island was said to be named after Zakynthos, the son of the legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus. Settled at an early period by Achaeans and Arcadians, it soon developed into a trading and seafaring town the influence of which extended as far as the Iberian peninsula, where it founded the colony of Zakantha, later known as Saguntum.

On the approach mind the Dimitris reef directly east of the green harbor light. Once in port, go stern-to the waterfront or the north breakwater (between the water taxis and ferries). The river Charalampos delivers sand / mud to the bay: the south-western part of the port is often too shallow.

Like the “marina” facilities, the plans for a cruise ship quay and a commercial port to the south have yet to materialize. The marina basin meanwhile is used by tripper boats.

Lamentably, the beaches where turtles lay their eggs are invaded by immense amounts of sunbathing tourists during the day, while in the evening the ubiquitous loud bars produce enough light pollution to disorientate the turtles.

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