Never Compromise quality and pricing just to close orders and make profits. working in such a passionate field, one must remember it’s not just business. It’s a responsibility towards the environment to take care of it and innovate more and more efficient ways towards the act of REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE

Kounal M Yele ( Director & CCO) LARCO India Pvt Ltd had a chat on various verticals they are working on and how we all should take individual efforts towards environmental conservation on the occasion of World Environment Day
In upcoming days wastewater recycling & solid waste management will have a main concern looking at the availability of dumping grounds for waste disposal & 17 percent of the world population with access only to 4 percent of freshwater…may rise war conditions if no action is taken in time.
Mr. Manikraao M Yele has a wonderful thought & teaching he shared with us in the conference he said “ We as an organization our family is growing and evolving in the whole journey to achieve great success one rule is most important that by creating more employment &happiness we are going to get more blessing from our mate’s, on this journey if we are successful in creating happiness in our surrounding will grow and evolve
It Will result in our growth and success which ultimately means happiness in serving mankind and mother nature.
Mr. Vheejay Raul has a simple thought that he shared with us “In and around India there are barren land or hills where rainfall is less compared to the hilly areas of India.The sewage water generated in urban areas after treatment by pumping it into these areas can be used for the plantation on the barren land or hills to make them greener.
We here at LARCO work with a vision that it’s not about computation between rates of competitive parties but in quality of functioning and after-sales service offered.
1. How can you brief us on LARCO working Journey?
We at an early age established our mother company M/s Crown Chemicals In 1998 which manufactured automobile antifreeze but as time passed our focus shifted to the production of chemicals supporting water waste treatment, as we went deep into Research and Development. we started a new division specially focused on water & wastewater management. That is now known as LARCO India Pvt Ltd. As we were evolving and growing as an organization, we also started R & D in Solid waste management and composting.
2. How Can wastewater be recycled entirely?
The way we can make it happen is to adapt Zero Liquid Discharge technologies in our commercial and industrial facilities. What happens if we as human nature, look for low-cost recycling technologies. The whole organization adapting these technologies become totally independent of the payable water supply sources available in the market and they start reusing each and every drop available with them for years which adequately is going to result in the availability of fresh water all around.
3. Why are you guys are promoting Rainwater Harvesting?
Rainwater harvesting is another great opportunity that we can commercially adapt to become totally independent from paid water and water bills. We have tones of examples of corporate paying lac per month of water bill just to fulfill their daily need for water in their production lines, but after adapting rainwater harvesting they have been using free water delivered by clouds all around the year saving their money and increasing their efficiency solving their financial management.
Social Advice-
Statistics say 80% of total wastewater generated worldwide is still released to the environment without adequate treatment which is a very serious subject that leads to war conditions in the upcoming age, if not acted upon immediately and seriously. This also means acting upon it at the source rather than opposing it to get wasted, by improving your water supply system maintaining it, and auditing on regular basis, they say 45% of freshwater been supplied by tankers, municipal water supply lines, and another water supply means is been wasted due to known and unknown types of leakages and see pages
Seriousness among all my citizens is required in day-to-day life, we need to keep our eyes open to the opportunity to work toward water conservation might be gallons of water or a simple glass of water.