Outdoor weddings are becoming trendier day by day, and by looking that traditional and classical outdoor wedding flowers are coming into the place.

The moment when you wed is the extremely overwhelming moment of all time, there are no words to explain that moment. But one thing that can leverage your wedding moment and make your day more special than before, is outdoor wedding flowers. Yes!

Outdoor wedding flowers are incredibly high in demand and have something special in their scent that make couples more romantic and empathize with each other.

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In this blog, we are going to share some outdoor wedding flowers in Qatar that bring joyful moments into your life and able to make your wedding as highly specialized as you desire it to be. 

Top 10 All-time Outdoor Wedding Flowers in Qatar

If you are curious enough to where to start your wedding ideas, let’s start with us from here. Because by end of this blog, you will be able to make your outdoor wedding flower collections that will amaze your guests.


Let’s start with the obvious and most common flowers for weddings. The rose is the flower that represents beauty and love.  The rose is the perfect choice for a wedding life. If you remember, poets and writers used to pick a rose when they want to express their feelings to their loved ones.

Although, there are plenty of varieties of roses that you can put on your wedding day. Whether in terms of shapes, sizes, and different variations as well. Such as,

  • Wild roses
  • Climbing roses
  • Hybrid tea roses
  • Grandiflora roses
  • Alba roses

You can make a beautiful bouquet of that and send a flower bouquet Doha to your loved one.


After seeing the collection of roses, there are other collections of flowers that we need to add. Peony! Peony is another wonderful collection of flowers that make their space in outdoor wedding collections. Its bright and vibrant color looks moon in the hand.

Although, peonies are one of the most expensive flowers for weddings people use to choose these peonies to make their day memorable for all time. Peonies come in two primary varieties.

  • Herbaceous Peony
  • Tree Peony


If you are budget-friendly and looking for bright flowers but on budget. So you must consider ranunculus in your wedding collections. Ranunculus come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The most important thing you can pick it according to your scheme or template for your wedding. Ranunculus is ideally used in spring, summer, and fall.


The next flower on our list of outdoor wedding flowers is Tulips. Tulips are responsible to spread happiness and consuming love to make couples’ day special. You can imagine so many varieties that tulips have.

  • Fringed tulips
  • Double tulips
  • Rembrandt tulips

Tulips come in plenty of hues such as vibrant red, orange, yellow and purple. Tulips will make sure that you must fall in love by having that.

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The most common colors for hydrangeas are blue or white, although they can also be found in pale pink and burgundy.

These gorgeous flowers have a heart-shaped design that shouts femininity and beauty.

They are a well-liked option because of the quantity and low cost of their blossoms. The hydrangea is one of the most popular bridal flowers and is well known for being widely used in the industry.

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Simply place them in a water-filled glass bowl in the middle of the table. Solitary gardenias are another common flower for corsages and hair accessories.

For bohemian-style weddings, the dramatic effect of the ivory petals ringed by the dark green leaves is perfect. Additionally, they look amazing if you choose to wear a flower crown.


The classic of all time is the orchid. One of the more popular flower choices for weddings, orchids are also a common choice for houseplants.

These bridal bouquet embellishments, which are available in a range of pastel colors, look charming.

Because they are a tropical plant that is usually found in southern Central America, northwest South America, and countries that are situated along the Andes Mountains, these exquisite blooms are perfect for a beach wedding.

  • Cymbidium orchid
  • Dendrobium orchid
  • Dendrobium Nobilé orchid
  • Miltonia orchid
  • Oncidium orchid
  • Paphiopedilum orchid


Calla Lily

Calla Lillies, an African flower with a trumpet-like shape, will give your arrangement a sleek, modern appearance.

Their distinctiveness and long stems will cause your guests to pause and take another look. You may also use these lovely flowers as a centerpiece by placing them in a tall vase.

Large-headed calla lilies with long stems and a lovely petite kind that is perfect for boutonnières are the two most popular varieties. There are calla lilies in the colors of yellow, ivory, orange, mauve, and dark purple; these are ideal for a winter wedding.

Sweet Pea

Brides and bridesmaids alike typically wear sweet pea, which is available in a range of hues, from delicate white to brilliant pink and daring purple. If you want something a little more understated, these spring-blooming flowers are a popular alternative for outdoor weddings.


The anemone is the last but most definitely not the least flower on our list of widely used bridal flowers. These flowers, which are often white and black, are striking, modern bride-perfect, and graphic. If you want to leave a lasting impression, the anemone makes the perfect wedding flower.

The gorgeous black center is a wonderful non-traditional choice that stands out against the white petals. Due to their year-round availability from winter to spring, they make excellent bridal flowers.

Here you’ve got the idea of the best outdoor wedding flower collections. Now let’s dive into the reasons why people choose to have an outdoor wedding.

Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding

You have a brand-new, beautiful ring on your finger and are eager to start organizing the ideal wedding. You’re having trouble deciding where to hold your wedding reception, though. You require a location that satisfies both the requirements of all of your guests and the reception’s theme.

Here are five justifications for picking an outdoor reception.


Maybe you can’t discover a location that fits your princess-themed reception style. Or perhaps you find it impossible to envision holding your unconventional Star Wars-themed wedding reception in a traditional setting like a church.

You have the freedom to select any wedding theme while having the event outside. No matter what reception theme you choose, the lovely natural surroundings of trees, flowers, and sky make the ideal backdrop.

Increased Space

If you worry about fitting all your guests into a small church or event center, an outdoor setting is a right choice. Outside, visitors are free to disperse as widely as they like. Kids even have the option of going to a separate area, where they can run, play, and let out their energy.

Enhanced Time

Outdoor wedding venues may hold several different receptions each day. Thus, you may be restricted to just a couple of hours for your wedding reception. You might not even be able to find a reception venue that isn’t already booked on your desired wedding date.


An outdoor celebration will make you and your guests feel much more at ease if a stuffy, traditional wedding reception isn’t your style. 

You may don a comfortable party dress instead of your long, flowing gown, and your guests could dress more casually as well.

Playing volleyball or croquet, or roasting marshmallows over an open fire could help you unwind even more. Your guests might report that this was the most enjoyable wedding they’ve ever attended.

Budget Friendly

Many wedding locations will charge you a hefty sum to use their area. If you wish to employ particular decorations or devices, they might even tack on additional fees. 

Additionally, you might end up spending more on flowers or other decorations than you had planned.

It might be very affordable to hold your reception outside. An indoor facility’s operating expenses, such as those for electricity and water, are not covered by your fee.


Now you are in a better position to pick outdoor wedding flowers from the best florist in Doha Qatar according to your scheme or template for your occasions.

Pick one of these flowers to make your occasion more romantic and spread the charm in the glaze of guests’ eyes.