Installing solar panels on your home or official buildings is a great way to reduce utility bills. Moreover, a solar panel on your home roof offers other benefits, such as you become energy independent and taking a step towards little to no carbon emission. Typically, a solar panel has an average lifespan of 25 years; however, you can increase it by adopting proper solar maintenance tips. In addition, solar panel maintenance enables you to benefit from your investment for an extended period.


So, if you don’t know how to maintain solar panels and maximize their output adequately, we got you covered. Let’s discuss everything in detail!


Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Solar energy is quickly becoming popular, and many people are installing solar panels. Accordingly to a study, more than 3 million solar energy systems were installed in the US in 2021. And to get the maximum out of this, it’s mandatory to adopt proper solar system maintenance tricks.


Surprisingly, solar panels don’t need much maintenance, and you can easily clean and inspect them to ensure the system keeps running. Here are the tips and tricks that you can adopt so you don’t stay behind when it comes to excellent solar panel maintenance:


Wash the Panels

You may not know this, but a solar panel covered by dirt and debris doesn’t offer much output. It’s because the dust collected on its surface blocks the sun’s radiations from reaching the panel; hence overall efficiency reduces significantly. So, to keep your solar panel running smoothly and get 100% output, you should wash it at regular intervals.


Shut it Down

Don’t start the cleaning procedure before shutting down the whole solar panel system, or you will either get electrocuted or end up with a damaged solar panel. You can follow the instructions given in the user’s manual to turn the solar panel off. The DC system should be completely switched off, while the solar supply main switch allows you to shut off the AC system.


Clean the Panels

Next, take a soft cloth and remove all the dirt and debris from the panel’s surface. If the stains are stubborn, it’s better to use warm water and a soft cloth to remove them. Don’t throw water directly on the solar panel top, as it’ll result in cracking. Once all the dirt and stains are removed, give the panel a final cleaning and let it dry to ensure nothing left that can block your solar panel’s working. It’s recommended to clean your solar panel surface between two and four times a year.


Turn the Panel On

First, check if your solar panel has dried or not. If yes, then turn the panel back on by switching on the AC and DC systems.


The cleaning process of a solar panel remains unchanged; it doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or hire an expert. However, there are a few don’ts of the panel cleaning process that you should know to avoid any consequences. Here are a few of them:

Never ever use any detergent or soap on your solar panel, as it can leave a film on the surface, making a huge impact on the panel’s working.

Don’t wash the solar panels when they are hot because using water on a hot panel can cause cracks. Moreover, throwing hot water on a snow-covered panel can also cause cracking. In such situations, just

remove the dirt using a non-abrasive brush or something else.

Make sure you wash the panel in such a way that the water doesn’t go in between the panels or around the wiring.

It’s also recommended not to clean the panel yourself unless you know the procedure well. Otherwise, hiring an expert with proper panel cleaning knowledge can be fruitful.