Diamonds are an essential part of jewelry because whenever we utter the word engagement ring, a sparkling diamond on the ring automatically comes to your mind isn’t it? This is because the dominance of natural diamonds on engagement rings has been there since the 14th century. Now, lab-grown diamonds are in trend and are considered to be a more favorable option among couples who prefer choosing environment-friendly.

Lab-grown diamonds exhibit similar properties as natural diamonds. The only difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds is that they are created in labs that mimic natural conditions. They are also a cost-effective solution to your requirements for diamonds in the USA.

Selecting a diamond cut for your engagement ring can be difficult. Apart from diamonds, you need to consider a lot of things like the metal of the ring, design, setting, shape, and much more.

The shape of a diamond deciphers certain traits of a person. Making it important for you to select the most suitable shape for the diamond. You need to consider whether your girl wants a modern look or a vintage one. Does she want to elongate the appearance of her fingers, or will she rather have a rock that looks huge? All of these factors depend on the stone cut and shape.

To make it easier for you to select the shape of your engagement ring here are some options you can choose from.

  • Round Cut

Brides all across the world love to wear round-cut diamonds. This is because it maximizes the fire of the diamond at an appropriate reflection of light. These diamonds are a great option for brides who love to keep their look classic.

  • Princess Cut

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her special day? So here are princess cut lab diamonds which are said to be a popular choice of center stone for engagement rings. You can get a trendy look while boasting a ton of radiance. They are normally much less expensive than round-cut lab-created diamonds.

  • Cushion Cut

This diamond cut has been around since the 18th century and has surged back into popularity, deriving an old-school vibe that is perfect for vintage settings. They exhibit a less intense sparkle than brilliant diamonds, however, they look fabulous in contemporary settings.

  • Emerald Cut

This diamond has an understated sparkle, some call it a “hall-of-mirrors” effect. When worn vertically, their shape makes the fingers look long and thin. It is not so much of a keen flamboyant style, so if you are looking for a mega sparkler, it isn’t the cut for you.

  • Oval Cut

The oval-shaped diamonds have the same number of facets as a round cut stone, which means it has the capacity to spread their sparkle just as much. It is an extraordinary and elegant choice. Though, if not cut properly, it tends to have a bowtie effect. However, the stone stands out and is a suitable option for both traditional and modern brides.

These are some of the most popular diamond cuts that are known to be opted for by all kinds of brides as the center stone of engagement rings.

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