Indian heritage and culture are home to so many different types of fabrics and textiles that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are ideal for styling an ethnic wear wardrobe. Luckily, SM Creation presents the top 6 fabric styles and textiles that are a “must have” for every woman.

According to Indian culture and history, some of the oldest types of textiles have been around for more than 5000 years. With India being one of the prime locations for the export of goods and textiles, these fabric categories are relevant even today and are the go-to choice for women for all types of occasions.


#1. Bandhani

One of the oldest forms of dying that has existed in the Indian subcontinent for over 5000 years, bandhani is known as a highly-skilled process. The tie-dye method involves tying a fabric a particular way and then dyeing it in various colors.

Bandhani is famous and a must-have in the wardrobe for women’s ethnic wear collections. These fabrics make up not only designer kurtis but are also a key element in sarees and other ethnic clothes.


#2. Laheriya

A type of fabric that is famous in the region of Rajasthan, Laheriya is a zigzag type of fabric that incorporates a host of contrasting colors. Laheriya is an ideal type of fabric to be worn, as it goes with nearly everything. Commonly worn in the form of skirts, this fabric also presents itself in the form of short kurtis, salwar kameez, and more types of Indian ethnic wear.

In Rajasthan, Laheriya sarees and two-piece suits are commonly worn by women. This type of fabric represents a type of richness, which is evident from its wave-like pattern.


#3. Border

A must-have in the long list of fabrics and their types in the Indianwear textile industry, border designs are minimalistic and beautiful. The border design incorporates a simple fabric with minimal or no work done on it and a rich border on its edge. Border sarees and salwar suits are a definite requirement in a woman’s ethnic-wear wardrobe.

The border fabric is either printed or embroidered. Zari-work on the borders is a mark of a designer kurti. For women who wish to have designer sarees in their wardrobe, having a border saree is the key to a perfect fit.


#4. Floral

There is no better type of fabric than those that represent nature in some sense. Floral fabrics have existed for centuries. With artisans perfecting the art of recreating flowers and leaves through their stitching work, these types of fabrics are classified as essentials.

Floral patterns go in any type of design, be it a short or long kurti, a saree, a salwar suit, or even dress material that is ready to be stitched. Depending on the color of the fabric and the design, these can also be converted into designer ethnic wear and show-stoppers.


#5. Ikat

Another classic under the Indian print section, the Ikat print is a tie-dye-created fabric. This method, which is different from bandhani, uses the yarn especially to make a fabric after dyeing it. The Ikat print is known for its geometrical shape and design. This print is known not only for adding charm to any dress material that it belongs to, but also for the overall look that it provides.

Women wear Ikat print most commonly in the form of short and long kurtis. Ikat saris are also gaining popularity in the Indian ethnic wear market.


#6. Batik

The batik print is well-known for incorporating a variety of patterns into a piece of fabric, making it one of the most vibrant categories of Indian ethnic wear. Mostly worn in the form of kurtis and sarees, the batik print is gaining popularity as it is being merged into western wear. This is also a type of dyeing technique that creates mesmerizing designs and patterns on a piece of fabric.

For those who wish to build on their Indian ethnic wear wardrobe, the batik print adds versatility to the overall look. As the colors of the fabric are designed keeping the skin tone of the person in mind, these are ideal as universal prints for all types of occasions.


In Conclusion,

There is an abundance of prints and patterns that one can choose from to build their ideal Indian ethnic wear wardrobe. Among all of the famous ones listed above, there are more that are gaining popularity and are widely known and loved by everyone. These are considered necessities and can be found on wholesale designer kurtis online websites such as SM Creation.

Check out the pattern and the type of fabric that best works for your style and your wardrobe, and continue building new and fresh looks for every occasion. Ethnic wear today is a staple for every occasion and every environment, so start building your ideal style today!