From chunky marble kitchen islands and Art Deco wallpapers to neutral-hued backdrops and Insta-worthy backsplashes, we saw plenty of bold designs in the past year.

One of the things people forget about when planning to revamp their kitchen is that the design is just as important as the functionality. Whether you have limited square footage or a behemoth-sized space, the kitchen is the heart and stomach of your home and needs to be just as visually appealing as it is functional.


Because the kitchen is where you uncork a delicious bottle of wine, experiment with your culinary skills to finesse a hearty meal, reheat the last night’s leftovers for a midnight snack, and spend quality time with your family.

If you’re looking forward to giving your kitchen space a brand-new makeover before 2023, you’re at the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite kitchen décor trends that will dominate 2023.

1. Texture, Warmth, and Charm with Wood

a wooden kitchen space.

Wooden kitchens are making a comeback in 2023. This charming and highly durable building material is the perfect choice for adding personality and unbridled rustic appeal to a design scheme.

How to add a wooden touch to your kitchen space?

Think something full mid-century modern with floor-to-ceiling windows to merge the indoors with the outdoors, a walnut veneer kitchen island, strategically placed reddish brown wooden tones, wooden beams, cabinetry, and bamboo flooring.

It’s no secret that people crave a sense of calm and soul-soothing color palette when crafting intimate kitchen spaces. Having a wooden kitchen is one of the best ways to introduce a rustic contemporary vibe and several layers of luxury in your kitchen.

2. Backsplashes That Make a Statement

a kitchen with wooden floors.

You don’t always need to make major renovations when it comes to giving your kitchen a refresh. You can always add some eclectic tiles, a coat of paint, and voilà!

Backsplashes often make a space look more cohesive and sleek. They can become the final touch that brings your kitchen decor scheme together.

Go online and search your options. Plenty of stunning tiles can make a bold statement in your kitchen space. You can indulge in majolica tiles, a glazed subway tile, a bright white tile, or opt for a moodier color like charcoal and pair them with post-modern lighting fixtures or vintage tole chandeliers.

In 2023, opt for bold and unique color palettes like a beautiful burgundy or a noir stone tile. These glamorous and moody colors can make all the difference in a boring-looking kitchen space.

3. Doubling it Up

Many interior designers are doubling up to make their kitchen spaces appear larger and add more storage.

Why opt for one built-in kitchen island when you can opt for two? This will give you more space when you’re gathering around guests and more storage options with maximum visual appeal.

4. Loud and Proud with Statement Appliances

a woman cooking in the kitchen.

When introducing a modern flair to your kitchen space, it all comes down to incorporating a bold color palette and adding smart appliances to your kitchen space.

Adding smart appliances maximizes functionality in your kitchen spaces and is a serious game-changer since it provides convenience and ease. Smart appliances like simple touch-closing cabinets and smart faucets can be controlled from your phone.

Whatever technologically advanced kitchen appliances you get, make sure they are bold and express your unique personality. This can become a form of artistic self-expression and make your kitchen space sleeker and more modern.

5. Going Vintage

2023’s kitchen trends are all about sustainability. And what is more sustainable than repurposing vintage pieces in your kitchen space?

The best thing about vintage pieces is that they always have an authentic story behind them. Mint green refrigerators, checkerboard floors, cherry red furnishings, and checkerboard backsplashes. These retro styles and design schemes can add a true wow factor to your kitchen space and make it more captivating with vibrance and color.

6. Don’t Shy Away from Customization

a modern kitchen space.

If you have eye for design, why not customize your kitchen décor?

Customization can make your kitchen space look glamorous and is an excellent way to add a dramatic ethos.

If you’re into keeping things minimal, design a clean and seamless kitchen space with maximized functionality, clean lines, sculptural furnishings, and curated art pieces.

Or if you’re someone who likes things in excess, we recommend filling your space with moody colors, sumptuous accessories, velvet textiles, red-lacquered cabinetry, and eye-catching marble.

The 2023 kitchen design is really all about moving away from the homogenous decors and taking a maximalist approach. You can always achieve this look by mixing and matching a bunch of different décor elements. This adds variety and looks creatively unique.

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