Anything that needs care will last longer; therefore, guard your pool screen enclosure against unneeded circumstances which might easily harm your pool equipment, screen enclosure, home, and surrounding properties. 

And when it turns out that many people need to be aware of how to achieve this. Then you can do this much more effectively by going for screen room enclosures in Naples and many other options with the help of experts.

To help you grasp this topic better, we’ve included some advice in the post below.

  1. Lower the pan to drain the pool

Your inclination will tell you to empty your pool as soon as you install a pool enclosure, but you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t drain the pool to avoid harm from hydrostatic pressure from the pool’s bottom.

  1. Immediately switch off the power

Pumps, chlorinators, heaters, lighting, and other pool-related electrical equipment should all be turned off at once. This will stop any damage from happening that might result from a bit of carelessness.

  1. You should safeguard your pool’s equipment

Any equipment that might come into contact with water is wrapped in thick plastic and secured with rope and duct tape. Make sure the wrapping for screen room enclosures in Naples is strong enough to resist the gusts by working more than usual on this task.

  1. Keep stray furniture and other things in storage

Remove and store all potentially dangerous things during storms; if an item is not bolted down, it should be brought inside. Avoid the urge to throw anything into the pool, not even the waterproof pool furniture. Filter damage is the most frequent type of pool damage during storms.

  1. Avoid covering your pool

Despite how it may seem, this is correct. To keep dirt from accumulating in your pool, you might feel compelled to cover it. However, cleaning a puddle after a storm will cost much less than buying a new pool cover.

  1. Shake up the pool

Before the storm, add more chlorine to the pool to keep the water clear because the battery will carry away everything in the collection. To avoid an algae bloom, use algaecide along with chlorine. Run the pump for a few hours afterward to aid in circulating the chemicals.

  1. Keep your screen casing secure

Clearing a path for airflow will aid in keeping the screen enclosure in good condition. Pull the spline at the base of each panel to avoid harming the cage.


Natural catastrophes are unpredictable, but by taking a few precautions, you can protect your home and belongings. You can reduce your pool-related worries by paying attention to the provided advice. Aluminum master will still be the finest choice if you undergo outdoor screen enclosure Naples as the experienced professional.